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TrickRecordWho byDate
4 ball fountain with a head bounce8 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
5 ball 9753180 catches christhejuggler2014-02-28
5 ball back crosses50 catches christhejuggler2014-02-28
6 ball (8,8)(4,4)400 catches christhejuggler2014-06-08
6 ball 7561644 catches christhejuggler2014-06-10
6 ball 77772399 catches christhejuggler2013-08-08
6 ball 86432 catches christhejuggler2013-06-30
6 ball 9555100 catches christhejuggler2014-02-02
6 ball b9753160 catches christhejuggler2014-05-30
6 ball fountain315 catches christhejuggler2013-07-04
6 ball fountain with a club balanced on the head16 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
6 ball fountain over head32 catches christhejuggler2014-05-03
6 ball synchronous fountain600 catches christhejuggler2014-05-18
7 ball (8x,6)*220 catches christhejuggler2014-05-30
7 ball cascade1344 catches christhejuggler2014-07-13
7 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head7 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
7 ball db975317 catches christhejuggler2014-02-27
8 ball fountain58 catches christhejuggler2014-07-04
8 ball synchronous fountain16 catches christhejuggler2014-05-12
9 ball cascade36 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
3 club in one hand74 catches christhejuggler2013-08-12
3 club in one hand triples74 catches christhejuggler2013-08-12
3 club Alberts250 catches christhejuggler2013-10-05
5 club back crosses doubles30 catches christhejuggler2013-07-06
5 club back crosses triples120 catches christhejuggler2014-04-20
5 club cascade780 catches christhejuggler2013-06-30
6 club fountain128 catches christhejuggler2014-04-20
6 club fountain doubles36 catches christhejuggler2013-12-19
6 club fountain triples188 catches christhejuggler2014-06-27
6 club half shower185 catches christhejuggler2014-08-24
7 club cascade69 catches christhejuggler2014-08-30
5 ring cascade with a club balanced on the head10 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
5 ring cascade pancakes57 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
6 ring 75660 catches christhejuggler2014-06-08
6 ring fountain530 catches christhejuggler2014-07-16
6 ring fountain with a club balanced on the head6 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
6 ring synchronous fountain280 catches christhejuggler2014-06-08
7 ring (8x,6)*26 catches christhejuggler2014-08-24
7 ring cascade162 catches christhejuggler2014-07-16
8 ring fountain27 catches christhejuggler2014-08-27
8 ring synchronous fountain8 catches christhejuggler2013-06-30
9 ring cascade9 catches christhejuggler2013-08-12
1 ball head bounce250 bounces christhejuggler2014-04-20