Upcoming juggling events

Congress of Jugglers 201820th - 22nd Apr 2018USA‎
Passailupäivät20th - 22nd Apr 2018Finland (Suomi)‎
World Circus Day 201820th - 22nd Apr 2018Slovakia (Slovenská republika)‎
Convention of the distracted arts21st Apr 2018UK‎
12ª Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza27th Apr 2018 - 1st May 2018Italy (Italia)‎
C'Koi ce Cirque27th - 29th Apr 2018France‎
European Yo-Yo Meeting 201827th Apr 2018 - 1st May 2018Portugal‎
3. Ravicon28th - 29th Apr 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Turlututu 2.1 - Convention de jonglerie4th - 6th May 2018France‎
Lestival XI5th May 2018UK‎
Dali Flow Festival6th - 13th May 2018China (中国)‎
Freiburger Jonglierfestival 201810th - 12th May 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Nederlands Jongleer Festival 2018 (Dutch Juggling Convention)10th - 13th May 2018Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Nice Convention10th - 13th May 2018Austria (Österreich)‎
2018 Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival.11th - 13th May 2018USA‎
Isla Vista Juggling Festival 201811th - 13th May 2018USA‎
Bigoud'n'Jongle Convention 201818th - 21st May 2018France‎
Bungay Balls Up 201818th - 28th May 2018UK‎
Not Convention Augsburg/Stadtbergen18th - 20th May 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Rostock-Jonglier-Convention 201818th - 21st May 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
3rd Annual Cascade Brigade Juggling Festival19th May 2018USA‎
5. BachritterCon24th - 27th May 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Ireland's Acrobatics Convention24th - 27th May 2018Ireland (Éire)‎
FeuerCamp Convention 201825th - 27th May 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
1. Salzburger Jonglierconvention31st May 2018 - 3rd Jun 2018Austria (Österreich)‎
Drop am See 201831st May 2018 - 3rd Jun 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Zirkonvention 201831st May 2018 - 3rd Jun 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Galway Juggling Convention 20181st - 4th Jun 2018Ireland (Éire)‎
Oldenburg Juggling Convention 20181st - 3rd Jun 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Alle Mitmischen #107th - 10th Jun 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bunny Hug 2018: Flying Debris Juggling and Arts Festival8th - 10th Jun 2018Canada‎
Flatland Juggling Festival 20188th - 10th Jun 2018USA‎
Berliner JonglierConvention 2018 (Berlin Juggling Convention)14th - 17th Jun 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Boulder Juggling Festival 201815th - 17th Jun 2018USA‎
Stockholm Juggling Weekend 201815th - 17th Jun 2018Sweden (Sverige)‎
2018 Moyostage Asia Yoyo Diabolo Juggling Classic16th - 18th Jun 2018Taiwan (台灣)‎
Sheffield Circus Skills Convention 201816th Jun 2018UK‎
World Juggling Day 201816th Jun 2018The World‎
Configuvention 201822nd - 24th Jun 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Russian Juggling Convention 201827th Jun 2018 - 1st Jul 2018Russia (Россия)‎
16. Magyar Zsonglőrtalálkozó/16th Hungarian Juggling Convention28th Jun 2018 - 1st Jul 2018Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Badoom Tss 2018 (Estonian Tsirkuse Konvention)28th Jun 2018 - 1st Jul 2018Estonia (Eesti)‎
The Prop Gathering 2018: A Flow Arts and Juggling Retreat28th Jun 2018 - 1st Jul 2018USA‎
Boudu la Jongle - Village de Cirque6th - 8th Jul 2018France‎
Au Bout des Doigts - Convention Nationale de Jonglerie (French National Juggling Convention)13th - 19th Jul 2018France‎
IJA 71st Juggling Festival16th - 22nd Jul 2018USA‎
Circus Historical Society Annual Convention 201818th - 21st Jul 2018USA‎
CATCH!23rd - 27th Jul 2018UK‎
41st European Juggling Convention 2018, Azores28th Jul 2018 - 5th Aug 2018Portugal‎
Jongl' Ô Païs 20182nd - 5th Aug 2018France‎
Jonglier- und POI-Convention9th - 12th Aug 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
FDC 2018, Finnish Diabolo Convention16th - 19th Aug 2018Finland (Suomi)‎
17th International juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE 201818th - 24th Aug 2018Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
Phoenix Fire Convention 201823rd - 26th Aug 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Rock and Flow Festival 201823rd - 26th Aug 2018USA‎
De Skjève Conventie 6de editie31st Aug 2018 - 2nd Sep 2018Belgium (België)‎
Manchester Juggling Convention...On Tour1st Sep 2018UK‎
"5 Tours de Pass'pass"7th - 9th Sep 2018France‎
27. Pyramidales Jonglier und Kleinjunstfestival7th - 9th Sep 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
SJC 2018 - Lozärn jongliert7th - 9th Sep 2018Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
7. Tübinger Jonglierconvention14th - 16th Sep 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Broxford Juggling Convention 201815th - 23rd Sep 2018UK‎
13. J-Fest Türkiye Jonglörlük Festivali (Turkish Juggling Fest)24th - 30th Sep 2018Turkey (Türkiye)‎
Herfst Jongleer Weekend 201828th - 30th Sep 2018Netherlands (Nederland)‎
4. Tohuwabohu-Convention5th - 7th Oct 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Deutsche Yo-Yo Meisterschaft 20185th - 7th Oct 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Ich Jonglier mit meiner Laterne - Hamburg5th - 7th Oct 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Herxheim Jonglierconvention12th - 14th Oct 2018Germany (Deutschland)‎
Durham Juggling Convention19th - 21st Oct 2018UK‎
Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 910th Nov 2018UK‎
Mondo Juggling & Unicycle Arts8th - 10th Feb 2019USA‎
Tucson Juggling Festival 20195th - 7th Apr 2019USA‎
European Juggling Convention 20193rd - 11th Aug 2019UK‎

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