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Jak -

Wes Peden at BJC2022!

We are excited to announce that one of the world's most inspirational jugglers will be coming along to the British Juggling Convention next Easter! Join us (and him!) by buying your tickets now from

Wes will be presenting his Ultra-modern pop-punk juggling show ROLLERCOASTER!

Juggling’s own superhero returns with one hour of unadulterated joy. Using the thrill and design of Rollercoasters as a starting point for a performance of the most exhilarating juggling ever made.

Huge blue inflatable structures, electro beats made from distorted rollercoaster sounds, Peden performs original tricks inspired by rollercoasters and their high-tech seatbelts. A spinning plate ceremony becomes a celebration of the great rides of the past; an epic 3 ball disco juggling evokes the evolution of rollercoasters; a 4-meter transparent tube turns into a path around Wes’ body to make balls flow through loops, helixes, and corkscrews. Rollercoaster twists theatrical rules to create a safe space place to perform some of the most difficult and unique juggling ever done on stage!

Rollercoaster is produced by Wes Peden and Gandini Juggling

#BJC #BJC2022 #ByJugglersForJugglers

7b_wizard -

Do you always (try to) stop practise, or a stint within, on a good run or attempt?

Competition type: Poll
Closing date: 2021-09-30
Select option to vote

Ana -

Hello! I am Ana from Romania and i ve just joined jugglingedge, even though i juggle since long time.

I started juggling 18 years ago, both learning and teaching. In 2018 i founded an NGO, Circus Fairies (, which promotes contemporary circus as a new form of art and alternative education in Romania.
And this year we are organizing the first romanian circus convention and we are very excited about it! :D From 1-3 october in Cluj-Napoca.

In Romania contemporary circus is very little present and most of the people know only the traditional circus (with animals and shows mostly for children). And yet there are more and more people that start discovering this new sport, but mostly alone in their homes. Our aim is to create a national community, get to know each other and organize events together that will promote this new circus.
The convention wants to get the national community together, with activities aimed at them and at the same time, invite anyone interested to try different circus props and see the circus shows. Here is the fb event

We would be suuuper happy if anyone from the international community would like to join us, so feel free to ask me more about the event if you feel like coming :D I ll also post it here on jugglingedge.

Have a great end of the week!

^Tom_ - - Parent

Hi Ana & welcome!

Ian C -


Altern8 Juggling Workshop - WE ARE BACK from September 7th

We have the hall between 7:15pm and 9:30pm though we will need to stop around 9:20pm to packup and leave.
In good weather there is a nice grass outside space that we can use too.

The address is: St James Church Hall, Richmond Road, Mangotsfield BS16 9HA
Using that address Google Maps will show the correct location - its visible as a drive way on the opposite side of the road to all the houses.
Duck Duck Go will probably tell you it's on the other side of the road to where it actually is so, "It's behind you".
Other search engines are available but mostly a bit rubbish.

Call me on 0786 755 1327 if you have trouble finding it or if you have any questions at all or email sseic2 at hotmail dot com and I can reply with answers or full directions.

Subs will initially be £4 per person either in cash or preferably if you have a banking app paid directly to my bank account (ask me for sort code and account).
To start with I will obviously not have any change so please make an effort to have the 4 pound coins, 8 fifty pence pieces or suitable combination thereof.

There are a couple of health and safety policies in place to satisfy the hall owners and our insurers...

"All equipment to be checked for faulty parts and sharp or protruding edges before use. All unskilled and/or unexperienced participants to be supervised by skilled and experienced participants."
Not too much of a problem, I think. Just don't give a beginner some knives to juggle and then wonder off.

Covid 19 Policy
1) Mask wearing is strongly encouraged when interacting closely with those outside your own household.
2) Hand sanitiser will be available for participant use before and after each session.
3) Equipment is being passed between participants so cleaning of equipment is encouraged.
4) Personal space to be respected at all times and 2 metre distancing strongly recommended.
5) Any would be participant who experiences symptoms that could be Covid-19 or who has tested positive in the last 10 days must not attend until the NHS recommended self-isolation period is complete or a negative PCR test result is obtained.
6) For now, we ask that unvaccinated people hold off attending until they’ve completed their vaccinations.
7) For the foreseeable future, good ventilation will be a priority so windows and doors will be kept open during the workshop.

The Void - - Parent

Map link on

Bill Robinson -

Hello forum. Leslyn and Bill are back in Ventura
after being away for about 15 years. We'd like
to get a group together to juggle weekly. I guess
you can email me at

Richard Loxley -

Tom Scott linked to some interesting performance-related videos in his newsletter this week, which I enjoyed:

Acrobatics with a robot arm:

"Space Juggling"

Dance routine on a revolving platform:

^Tom_ - - Parent

And from this week's newsletter:

Larry Griswold on the Frank Sinatra Show in 1951

Orinoco - - Parent

I've seen this spot dozens of times. Still a fantastic watch.

Orinoco - - Parent

That revolving platform video is delightful!

Johnathan Mundell -

Does anyone have links to Anthony Gatto's to be the best series? I remember seeing them on youtube in the last few years but can't find them again. Thanks.

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

Never mind I think I found It:

Greg McAlpin -

Hi. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase the download of the Tricks with Hats DVD? I believe that is was made by Little Paul and Richard Loxley. It used to be for sale on the Tricks with Hats website.

Thanks for any help!


The Void - - Parent

I have let Richard know you're interested. I expect he'll be along before too long to help out.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

Hi Greg,

Yes, technically it's still available to buy! Although through a series of expired domains the link is almost impossible to find now.

You can get it here:

But beware, it's DivX format (which was about as good as we could do in 2007 and have a manageable download size) so needs an appropriate player, and the quality isn't quite as good as the DVD.

Incidentally, we stopped actively promoting it several years ago, and have both agreed to make it available for online streaming for free, but that requires a bit of effort for me to try to find the original rendered files on whichever hard disk and obsolete computer they're squirrelled away on, and upload it somewhere.

So in the meantime, if you enter JUGGLING-EDGE-AUGUST-SPECIAL in the checkout before the end of the month you should be able to download it free of charge :-)

Richard Loxley - - Parent

(That goes for anyone else BTW, the coupon should be unlimited uses.)

Little Paul - - Parent

I have a vague memory of having already put it online for streaming somewhere, but I really can’t remember where.

Little Paul - - Parent

This amuses me

“Rare” (and probably unplayable by now)

Richard Loxley - - Parent

Wow! I have a box of them up in my loft. I should list them at half that price and clean up ;-)

I seem to remember you gave them back to me when you found half of them were getting returned as they wouldn't play, and we decided to move to download only.

Greg McAlpin - - Parent

That is awesome!!! Thank you so much!

Little Paul - - Parent

Well this is awkward. I’ve just discovered that someone had bought the domain name and reposted the site.

Without me knowing about it.

The site is back online, all the original content, but not hosted by me.

Does anyone know who did that?

The Void - - Parent

I don't know. There are some links, pics and vids missing, so I assume someone scraped all the files they could from the Wayback Machine, and put it all back up. If anyone's looking for the vids, they're (all?) at . And if Mysterio is reading, hey, link it up! :-)

Little Paul - - Parent

The whole site is still online at (and has been ever since I lost control of the domain name) including the original video files (although they're easier to watch on

If anyone does know who is hosting it, please ask them to reach out to me.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I noticed that when I was looking up the internet archive version. I presumed you must have regained control of the domain.

I wonder who did that - a fan maybe? It certainly doesn't seem to be monetised.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Have you checked with drunk you?

Little Paul - - Parent

I checked with Mikey if that’s what you mean…

The Void -

Off-topic, Off-Grid.

Since Marvin isn't exactly overburdened with links to collate these days, and since one definition of juggling is "what jugglers do", I thought I'd throw one into the ring. Me and Dave have started a podcast called Off-Grid, The Not-Really-About Crosswords Podcast. "So, what *is* it about then?", I hear you clamour. Well, the idea is that topics will get thrown up from crosswords we've solved, so it could turn out to be anything. If you fancy a dabble, we made a quick taster Episode 0 (15 mins) here: to give you the idea. No crossword expertise required. Follow the links for further episodes with a guest. Episode 4 coming this Sunday. Raveview, recribe, subscrate, etc etc.


The Void - - Parent

Episode 7 has some actual juggling content! (Skip to 15:00, if you like.)

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