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Orinoco -

You'd think he'd be happier about pulling this off...

In other news, I tentatively think we can now embed Mastodon toots just by posting the URL.


Orinoco - - Parent

...& why do I think a toot is more ridiculous than a tweet?

The Void - - Parent

Dunno, but I quite agree. I call them posts. And happy? I’m just tired. Meanwhile, in the spirit of feature testing, here’s a link to a too^H^H^H post with an image in it.

Tufty - - Parent

He always was a grumpy old bugger :)

Jeke Pelgrims -

Hi all! New to juggling edge as a member, but have been using it for years as a reference! I’m club/ball/rings juggler from belgium.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi! Salut! Daag! Rappel.

Craig Swanwick -

Hi my name is Craig aka the crusty juggler, I run the flowtek collective who have weekly clubs, and run open case and skill sensitive workshops at events and festivals, we also are workin on a fire and led show for next year's season. We are here to spread the word get involved with some of you and hopefully find some great fire meets and new members.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Craig, welcome to The Edge!

flipmainz -

Hi there,

we are new here :-)

We are "flip Mainz" a non-profit association or club for circus, movement and performing arts in Mainz, Germany. Our goal is to offer circus enthusiasts a platform for exchange, joint training and the implementation of joint projects. You can find more about us here: and here:

Some us are the instructors for the juggling course at Mainz University, but we also have meeting directly organized by flip.

your flips

momo - - Parent

Nice to have you here. Hooray!

I like that you people from Mainz are so active, going to conventions, organizing a circus scene in your area and giving people possibilities to train and show their art.

Have a great time at the Herxheim convention.

momo -

Hamburg Juggling Convention 2023: Registration is open

Hi folks,

from 19. October until 22. October the #Hamburg Juggling Convention will take place again. This time for the first time it will be a 4 day event.

We have a super nice gym and 2 extra gyms for special actions like an Open Stage. You can chill at the fire space and play on the volley club field. There will be a bar, a party space and a spa area with a sauna and a whirlpool. We provide breakfast and dinner in vegan and vegetarian options and want to celebrate with you a great convention like we did in the past editions.

We are still looking for acts for the open stage. So if you want to perform and share your art please contact

Prices are 45 euro for 4 days, younger participants pay 25 Euro. People who have more money at their disposal can pay more to support those who cannot afford the event.

Please come and register to Hamburg Juggling Convention 2023:


The registration closes on October 5th.

We want to have a great and fun event with you. Because you the participants is what makes a convention memorable and great!

momo - - Parent

This is the link to register:


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mïark - - Parent

Looks really exciting, here is a better hashtag: #HamburgerJonglierconvention2023

momo - - Parent

Would be great to have you participating again.

RegularJugular -

I tried juggling while typing this

The first line took ~20 attempts, so from this line & on it's typed without juggling...

Does anyone here know of anyone else who can juggle & type successfully?

Can any coders on here code & juggle? That seems like a good exercise in being able to recall while distracted.

Cheers ;)

Tufty - - Parent

ok lets try

Damn, that's hard.

The Void - - Parent

Thanks for the laugh!±


Yes, ±, why not? It was very hard, and my only hope was to go into one round of 423 each time I wanted to type a single letter with a 1-finger prod. The above line contained several drops, but I made it a rule that I had to delete (whilst juggling) any letters I'd typed which resulted in a drop. Sometimes I mistyped a letter, and managed to delete it while still juggling. Anyway, I award you "funniest thread title of the year", RegularJuggler, because I laughed aloud. Nice one.

Yaron Davidovich -

Hey guys I'm Yaron from Israel.
Lately have been works on my 3 clubs alberts (yesterday got 10 catches, I'm proud of that).
My next convention will probably be in France in a week, at DOUBITCHOU :-)

7b_wizard - - Parent

Bravo ;-)

The Void - - Parent

Welcome to The Edge. Have fun at the convention!

RegularJugular - - Parent

10 catches of a nails hard trick is a great feeling :)

Enjoy the convention

Carlo Cerato -

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, my name is Carlo Cerato! Nice to meet you all, nice to have a place like this for juggling.
I'm a professional juggler, my work lately has been finding new objects, inusual techniques, and how to structure all of this in an abstract scenic context.
If you are interested, here is my instagram, from there you will be able to find everyhting you need:

Thanks again!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Carlo,
Welcome to The Edge.

Tufty - - Parent


That's some very nice work.

Giocoleria da diporto - - Parent

<it> Ciao Carlo, benvenuto! E mi raccomando: fai proseliti tra i giocoleri a vantaggio di questo sito 😅. Non se ne può davvero più delle piattaforme sociali!
E lunga vita all'ideatore di questo sito, sperando non si stufi mai, come accadde a quello di </it>

Hi Carlo, welcome! And please: make converts among the jugglers for the benefit of this site 😅. I'm really sick of social platforms!
And long live to the creator of this website, hoping he never gets bored, as happened to the one who created one.

Mïark -

At this years EJA General Assembly in Lublin, the Dutch team were successful in their bid to host the 2025 European Juggling Convention in Papendal, near Arnhem in The Netherlands.

You can see the video of the venue at

Next years EJC (2024) will be in Ovar, Portugal.

#EJC2025 #EJA

barnesy - - Parent

I’ve not been to an EJC since the last one in my home country (the last one in the Netherlands). On that form, I might be there!

I moved to Almere weeks after that one. As yet I’m not planning a move east!

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