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momo -

I was at #TRAP last week. TRAP [0] is a circus space that is placed in Vienna, Austria. This place was wonderful to train. There were three rooms, but I was only using the hall. The project is a habiTAT [1] project which is supporting and realizing self-organized and socially bound apartment building projects.

The people training at TRAP were very friendly. One of them was lending me their bicycle to be able to fetch some food from the nearby supermarket. I met people I knew from circus conventions years ago. It was a good training atmosphere at the space. Everybody was working on their projects and being supportive to each other. In the small entrance/chill area people hang around chatting and eating.

I would love to have such a place where I live. Thanks to TRAP for this wonderful project. When you are in Vienna and want to train some circus consider visiting this lovely circus space.


Iain Murray -

I had a great time at #BJC2024 -- Thanks so much to all the organizers and volunteers!

I thought I'd share two things:

1. I made some notes to go with some of the club-passing workshops (and a bonus workshop from a previous convention):

2. I forgot my hand-cream and got dry/cracked hands from all the juggling and hand-washing. Fortunately @Heydar is awesome and gave me some E45. Because I noticed that the mixer taps in the toilets were almost always turned to their hottest setting, I'm sharing a tip from a friend in the NHS: don't use really hot water for frequent hand-washing. Concerned I might be spreading disinformation, I checked a literature review. It seems to back up that using hot water can cause dermatitis, and that it's not necessary for hygiene. Warm/tepid water is recommended (and cold water is fine if you still wash your hands for long enough?).

Bex_Smith -

Hey everyone I’m a flow artist from the uk I do poi, I’m currently setting up to go travelling and see the world my first main poi event will be in Newcastle England but I hope to go all over the world and meet new and amazing people

The Void - - Parent

Hi Bex, welcome to The Edge. (You could use it to record all the events you attend on your travels, if you like.) Hope you have a brilliant time travelling!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Oh, wow, such a huge undertaking, >>all over the world<<! All the good for that for you!
Do you carry a set of foreign languages with you, or will you be using face, hands & feet and online translators?

Richard Loxley -

Bungay Balls Up 2023 (video)

Thanks to Thor Hayton for providing his mesmerising music.

Orinoco - - Parent

...& in 45 days time we get to do it all again!

The Void - - Parent

Nice one, Richard. Always nice to be reminded of BBUs - both past and future! (And thus, yay, Orinoco!)

Heydar -


Hi all!

Camvention is back again this year. Saturday 5th October in the same venue as the last couple of years (Cambridge University Sports Centre). All the great stuff from previous iterations will be there (probably including the Thai van, but that's still to be confirmed) and more. Further details will be posted as it all comes together - hopefully see many of you there :)


Julien_H -

Selling two EJC ticket and Gala show


I'm selling two EJC ticket and two Gala show ticket.

Prices are : 193€ per EJC ticket, 15€ per Gala ticket (03.08. 21:30). Admin fees for reattribution are on me.

Contact me at julien.halet(at)

Julien_H - - Parent

Those have been sold ;-)

Pitr -


New here!

Not new to juggling. Juggled a lot from 2000 - 2014 or so. Visited many festivals all over Europe and the UK.

Then had a family.

Now getting back into visiting festivals. I see the usual crowd is still here :-)

Nice to see you all again. Hope to meet RL soon.

Pieter from NL

The Void - - Parent

*waves* Hey Pitr!

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Hello! I was just wondering what happened to you the other day, and now I know. Good to see you again.

Ewano - - Parent

Oh Hi - Bungay is soon. Just saying..

momo -


once a week I am posting a circus video that inspired me in the past on the fediverse:



Teh Yi Shern -

Hi Malaysia Juggler here. Juggling for 3 years and currently working on 6 and 7 ball siteswaps. I practice juggling about twice a week for 3 hours total and still able to make progress. There is rarely any jugglers in my country so I find inspiration from jugglers around the world.

The Void - - Parent

Hi, welcome to the Edge!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi Teh Yi Shern & welcome.
Impressing repertoire and records, that you logged there, even more with only 3 h\w! Have you ever tried 7b-95678, it's also a fun one, ... ahm ... I believe :-)

Teh Yi Shern - - Parent

Hi, thanks. 3hours of practice a week is actually what I do now to be able to maintain while progressing the skills but my first 3 years of juggling I was juggling almost everyday for 1-3hours. And wow never heard of that siteswap before thanks for sharing, looks like a combination of 756 with the 7 thrown higher (9) while doing half of 867 (78) at the bottom and also the bottom throws after 9 (5678) all thrown to a single side. Looks like a pattern needed for very accuracy throws for each height in order not collide after looking at the siteswap generator, lol, maybe i need to get over 100 catches with 756 first and a few runs with 867 :)

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yes, five thrown to one side, sidechange, a s.o. I like to write these like I think & focus & do them, so 56789 for this one ( and around the middle digit that tells how many balls it is ).
Afaik it's called towers, together with like 4b-7531, 5b-97531, and alike, and I think also versions with evens.

Teh Yi Shern - - Parent

Wow never know you can look at it that way. Just tried the 5b version of 34567 its definitely harder than tower patterns like 97531 which is only odd (across) throws, as its alternating between cross and vertical throws, i got some alot of collision lol trying it first time as i realized it requires scoop throws from the inside of the body as it hard to do it with a wide pattern which makes it very prone to collision, will definitely put this in my practice as its like another aesthetically visualizing tower pattern but uses both cross and vertical throws making the pattern look more complicated and indirect compared to 97531

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