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Joe Culpepper -

Hi, juggling friends. My name is Joe. I have a contact juggling number and a torch juggling number that I perform in my shows. I also juggle clubs, balls, and knives. My favorite techniques and acts are interdisciplinary ones that combine magic and juggling. I've met many amazing people and circus artists in the juggling community and am happy to be part of Juggling Edge now. You can find me on Instagram here:

Mini -

Hat act.

Trying to think of a word.

An old stage act with a ring of material, the entertainer then turned that into different hats

Little Paul - - Parent


The Void - - Parent

That’s the one. I’ve seen it as “chapography” too. I have a Spanish book somewhere with a section on it…

david - - Parent

Harry Anderson’s Magic Hat

7b_wizard - - Parent

magic hatting?

Steve Newby -

Good morning lovely friday people!

FYI Buddies....Today is the last day of the pre-sale early bird discount tickets. So if you're thinking of heading over to Marbury Park, Cheshire to celebrate world Juggling Day with us, book today to take advantage.

This year we've been working really hard to make things more accessible, provide more oppertinuties for engagement with workshops, training and games. We've got daytime, evening cabaret and latenight renegade shows, stilt walkers, aerialists, belly dancers, fire spinners, fight night and of course more slack lines than you can shake a devil stick at! We're also pushing out the boat for the super massive version of the lovely purple tent from Rokaku Tents to make more shelter from the sunshine and dedicated play space. We're bringing in all canvas campers closer to the action with front-row-over-flow camping in the main park area, plus extra WCs and a kitchen sink in the main campsite field.

We'd love for you to come and join the party in the lush surrounds of Marbury Park on June the 15th-16th. If you you'd like to help out or get involved in anyway we have a volunteer section on the website too.

Special thanks to the Edge Registration Team (big hearts for John and Sadie) for all the help and coding you've provided to help us get set up, and big big thanks to Callie Lawrie for developing the Circus Time Table software. It's not the oscars and we haven't actually done the event yet, so there'll be more outpourings of thanks to all the volunteers and visitors after. Until then keep juggling, keep smiling and stay wonderful xxx

#Worldjugglingday #slackfest

The Void -

It’s British Kendama Open day today in Bristol. I’m ambling along as a mere spectator to go “coo” at the crazy skills Da Kidz have these days. Here’s a photo gallery of yesterday’s social day in the park, where the sun was kind enough to make an appearance between rainy days:

Ian F -

Hey everyone, just a reminder that World Juggling Day is again around the corner and we've secured a lovely little corner of the Cheshire(UK) countryside for you to come and play. Again we've joined forces with Northwest Slackfest so if your penchant is for trying not to drop things or trying not to fall off things or just chillin' in a circussy atmosphere this is for you! Find us on the events page #Worldjugglingday or go straight for tickets here

Richard Loxley -

Are you planning on coming to Bungay Balls Up?

Do you want to have *even more fun*?

The festival is run by volunteers, and every year a few of us get there a little bit earlier to get everything set up just right.

Would you like to spend a little bit longer in the buttercup field, and help out?

It's not terribly hard - most of the infrastructure is either already there, or set up by our suppliers.

The jobs we need to do include: putting down some carpet in the big top; moving in the chairs, tables, ping-pong table, etc; putting up some signs around the site. It's all good fun, and it's a nice gentle start to our holiday.

Reply below, or contact us via if you're interested or would like more details.

(But please don't turn up early unless you've spoken to one of us first!)

Csar Lopez -

Hey! Que tal mi nombre es Csar Lopez (asi es mi facebook tambien 😅), soy mexicano y actualmente estoy en la ciudad de tijuana baja california,mexico. Estoy practicando algunos patrones con 5 objetos como: 744, 66661 y 53. Tambien los estoy tratando de adaptar a las clavas pero aun no me sale 🥲ja!
Espero compartir con tod@s los que se encuentren por aqui y los esperamos en el dia mundial del circo aca en tj! Saludos y excelentes malabares a tod@s!✌🏾😎🤹🏾‍♂️✨️

Mïark - - Parent

Hola, bienvenido a Juggling Edge, también estoy practicando 53 pero solo con 4 clavas. Mucha suerte con tu Día Mundial del Circo en Tijuana ✨️


7b_wizard - - Parent

Holà Csar y benvenido!

[ #espanol ]

momo -

I was at #TRAP last week. TRAP [0] is a circus space that is placed in Vienna, Austria. This place was wonderful to train. There were three rooms, but I was only using the hall. The project is a habiTAT [1] project which is supporting and realizing self-organized and socially bound apartment building projects.

The people training at TRAP were very friendly. One of them was lending me their bicycle to be able to fetch some food from the nearby supermarket. I met people I knew from circus conventions years ago. It was a good training atmosphere at the space. Everybody was working on their projects and being supportive to each other. In the small entrance/chill area people hang around chatting and eating.

I would love to have such a place where I live. Thanks to TRAP for this wonderful project. When you are in Vienna and want to train some circus consider visiting this lovely circus space.


Iain Murray -

I had a great time at #BJC2024 -- Thanks so much to all the organizers and volunteers!

I thought I'd share two things:

1. I made some notes to go with some of the club-passing workshops (and a bonus workshop from a previous convention):

2. I forgot my hand-cream and got dry/cracked hands from all the juggling and hand-washing. Fortunately @Heydar is awesome and gave me some E45. Because I noticed that the mixer taps in the toilets were almost always turned to their hottest setting, I'm sharing a tip from a friend in the NHS: don't use really hot water for frequent hand-washing. Concerned I might be spreading disinformation, I checked a literature review. It seems to back up that using hot water can cause dermatitis, and that it's not necessary for hygiene. Warm/tepid water is recommended (and cold water is fine if you still wash your hands for long enough?).

5balls - - Parent

Thanks Iain, highly appreciated!

Florian from Tübingen (you very patiently tried to teach me the Phoenician Waltz in Königswiesen)

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