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7b_wizard -

Do you always (try to) stop practise, or a stint within, on a good run or attempt?

  • yes
  • never
  • sometimes
  • maybe

This is a competition thread which ran from 2021-09-23 to 2021-09-30. View results.

Mïark - - Parent

Sometimes will also redefine what qualifies as a "good run" if time is running out or tea is getting cold.

7b_wizard - - Parent

I said "never" because I always try to confirm a good outstanding run. And as long as I have good arms or still feel fit or feel that something might still go, I'd rather continue the stint. I like to stop when nothing seems to go anymore or I urgently feel like a break or simply doing too bad with really no clue on how to do better again.

Sometimes, though, I do "until" a certain amount of throws or "until" a trick- or bodythrow gotten, and - only if it was hard and a struggle to get - will then refrain from trying to confirm or jumping that bandeaggon for maybe an even better result.

Thx 4 voting everyone! :o)

Marvin - - Parent

This poll has now ended with 6 votes cast. The results are:

  1.   yes (2 votes)
  2.   never (1 vote)
  3.   sometimes (3 votes)
  4.   maybe (0 votes)


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