Records by pompboy

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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball in one hand29 catches pompboy2014-09-26
3 ball 441180 catches pompboy2010-08-19
3 ball box178 catches pompboy2010-08-19
3 ball back crosses10 catches pompboy2012-05-23
3 ball cascade clawed117 catches pompboy2010-03-16
3 ball cascade over head101 catches pompboy2009-11-19
3 ball Mills Mess102 catches pompboy2009-09-20
3 ball reverse cascade100 catches pompboy2009-08-27
4 ball columns108 catches pompboy2012-05-23
4 ball fountain120 catches pompboy2009-09-20
4 ball half shower80 catches pompboy2012-05-23
4 ball Mills Mess10 catches pompboy2011-12-19
4 ball reverse fountain56 catches pompboy2012-05-23
4 ball shower112 catches pompboy2013-04-25
4 ball synchronous fountain156 catches pompboy2009-09-20
5 ball cascade367 catches pompboy2012-05-11
5 ball half shower14 catches pompboy2014-01-03
5 ball reverse cascade10 catches pompboy2012-05-14
6 ball fountain39 catches pompboy2014-01-03
7 ball cascade13 catches pompboy2014-10-14
3 club 44120 catches pompboy2014-01-03
3 club cascade reverse singles30 catches pompboy2014-01-03
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head5 catches pompboy2014-01-03
3 club cascade flats80 catches pompboy2014-01-03
4 club fountain singles22 catches pompboy2011-12-19
4 club fountain doubles40 catches pompboy2014-08-07
4 club synchronous fountain doubles94 catches pompboy2014-10-16
3 ring cascade pancakes87 catches pompboy2013-04-25
4 ring fountain115 catches pompboy2011-08-10
5 ring cascade47 catches pompboy2013-12-18
3 ball shower122 catches pompboy2009-11-19