Records by beKAH!

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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball back crosses20 catches beKAH!2009-11-09
3 ball cascade blind105 catches beKAH!2011-03-09
4 ball 534104 catches beKAH!2011-03-09
4 ball 63324 catches beKAH!2008-09-09
4 ball 733313 catches beKAH!2015-01-31
4 ball 744115 catches beKAH!2015-01-31
4 ball fountain3402 catches beKAH!2008-09-19
4 ball fountain blind7 catches beKAH!2015-01-31
4 ball Mills Mess93 catches beKAH!2010-12-10
4 ball shower128 catches beKAH!2009-07-26
5 ball (6x,4)*14 catches beKAH!2008-09-19
5 ball 74410 catches beKAH!2010-03-31
5 ball cascade1230 catches beKAH!2011-12-22
5 ball half shower102 catches beKAH!2015-02-01
5 ball Mills Mess18 catches beKAH!2011-03-05
5 ball reverse cascade67 catches beKAH!2015-02-01
6 ball fountain36 catches beKAH!2011-07-24
6 ball synchronous fountain21 catches beKAH!2011-07-24
7 ball cascade25 catches beKAH!2014-04-24
3 club back crosses140 catches beKAH!2013-11-27
3 club back crosses doubles54 catches beKAH!2011-07-24
3 club cascade blind100 catches beKAH!2015-02-09
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head619 catches beKAH!2011-12-22
3 club cascade flat fronts160 catches beKAH!2015-02-01
3 club cascade over head81 catches beKAH!2011-10-12
3 club cascade slap backs125 catches beKAH!2011-10-12
3 club Mills Mess224 catches beKAH!2008-09-09
3 club shower73 catches beKAH!2008-09-09
4 club 53461 catches beKAH!2011-10-12
4 club fountain flat fronts16 catches beKAH!2015-02-01
4 club fountain singles206 catches beKAH!2011-02-22
4 club fountain singles with a club balanced on the head16 catches beKAH!2015-02-08
4 club fountain doubles380 catches beKAH!2010-03-31
4 club Mills Mess doubles10 catches beKAH!2009-07-26
4 club shower triples10 catches beKAH!2009-07-27
4 club synchronous fountain168 catches beKAH!2011-02-22
4 club synchronous fountain singles58 catches beKAH!2011-02-22
5 club cascade240 catches beKAH!2011-11-07
3 ring cascade pancakes69 catches beKAH!2010-03-31
4 ring fountain109 catches beKAH!2010-03-31
5 ring cascade47 catches beKAH!2010-08-27
6 ring synchronous fountain6 catches beKAH!2011-01-30
5 ball shower26 catches beKAH!2009-07-26