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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball (4,4)(6,0)(2x,2x)500 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball (6x,2x)(2x,2x)150 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball (6x,4)(0,2x)147 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball in one hand205 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball 3[31]2600 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball 3[34]032800 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball 3323[13]500 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball 4412100 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball 451414413297 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball 504400 catches Orinoco2015-02-15
3 ball 504 rolling in326 catches Orinoco2015-02-15
3 ball 50505450 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball 531 rolling in150 catches Orinoco2015-02-15
3 ball Burke's Barrage600 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball cascade blind90 catches Orinoco2012-05-19
3 ball cascade clawed400 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball cascade forked200 catches Orinoco2015-02-15
3 ball cascade half contortionist200 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball cascade while lying down20 catches Orinoco2014-06-21
3 ball cascade penguin catches400 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball cascade with a ring spinning on the ankle8 catches Orinoco2018-01-09
3 ball cascade with crossed arms20 catches Orinoco2015-01-20
3 ball chops800 catches Orinoco2015-02-15
3 ball columns678 catches Orinoco2015-07-20
3 ball inverted shower200 catches Orinoco2014-03-29
3 ball Mills Mess5 catches Orinoco2019-06-22
3 ball Rubenstein's Revenge900 catches Orinoco2014-05-31
3 ball reverse shoulders185 catches Orinoco2013-08-30
3 ball shoulders100 catches Orinoco2015-02-15
3 ball crossfire126 catches Orinoco2013-08-30
4 ball (6,2x)(6,2x)*36 catches Orinoco2014-05-03
4 ball (6,4x)(2x,4)64 catches Orinoco2013-05-16
4 ball 64514108 catches Orinoco2013-06-12
4 ball 74174135571471424574174136471471426374174162571471451574174166171471456074174172471471471374174175171 catch Orinoco2019-02-03
4 ball shoulders8 catches Orinoco2014-06-02
5 ball (6x,4)*92 catches Orinoco2013-03-01
5 ball cascade1412 catches Orinoco2013-01-06
5 ball cascade isolated20 catches Orinoco2016-02-27
5 ball half shower316 catches Orinoco2014-10-11
5 ball reverse cascade159 catches Orinoco2014-10-11
5 ball splits rolling in20 catches Orinoco2015-06-03
5 ball tennis20 catches Orinoco2014-03-05
6 ball fountain118 catches Orinoco2014-01-01
7 ball cascade72 catches Orinoco2015-09-15
8 ball fountain8 catches Orinoco2003-02-11
3 club (4x,2)* - double - single30 catches Orinoco2012-10-08
3 club in one hand12 catches Orinoco2013-05-15
3 club cascade8 catches Orinoco2012-08-09
3 club cascade flat fronts20 catches Orinoco2014-06-21
4 club scissors40 catches Orinoco2014-12-02
5 club cascade442 catches Orinoco2014-12-09
1 ball head bounce26 bounces Orinoco2013-06-28
handstand01:00 Orinoco2013-10-12
unicycle high jump5 centimetres Orinoco2019-05-27
unicycle long jump3 centimetres Orinoco2019-05-27
3 hoop cascade10 catches Orinoco2023-01-01

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AutoTroll, Marvin, Orinoco
Marvin, Orinoco