Bungay 2024 lost property:

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Richard Loxley -

Bungay 2024 lost property:

Black Berghaus Gore-tex Paclite jacket, medium. Pocket contained carry bag and a small black plastic bag (dog poo bag?) Someone else lost a black jacket but this isn’t theirs, so did anyone take the wrong black jacket home?

Large top with alien/yeti design.

Pair of glasses, found next to one of the wood burners.

Samsung USB charger.

Two micro USB charging leads.

White mains power cable, figure 8 plug.

I can return these via juggler mail or postage at your expense.

There‘s other lost property (books, etc) which have been left in storage at the Bungay site for retrieval next year.

Pictures here on Facebook (should be visible without a Facebook account): https://www.facebook.com/share/p/3KFU67EoH17WsxTA/

The Void - - Parent

#BBU2024. The jacket isn't mine. But if it goes unclaimed... ^_^


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