Are you planning on coming to Bungay Balls Up?

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Richard Loxley -

Are you planning on coming to Bungay Balls Up?

Do you want to have *even more fun*?

The festival is run by volunteers, and every year a few of us get there a little bit earlier to get everything set up just right.

Would you like to spend a little bit longer in the buttercup field, and help out?

It's not terribly hard - most of the infrastructure is either already there, or set up by our suppliers.

The jobs we need to do include: putting down some carpet in the big top; moving in the chairs, tables, ping-pong table, etc; putting up some signs around the site. It's all good fun, and it's a nice gentle start to our holiday.

Reply below, or contact us via if you're interested or would like more details.

(But please don't turn up early unless you've spoken to one of us first!)


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