I had a great time at #BJC2024 -- Thanks so much to all the organizers and…

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Iain Murray -

I had a great time at #BJC2024 -- Thanks so much to all the organizers and volunteers!

I thought I'd share two things:

1. I made some notes to go with some of the club-passing workshops (and a bonus workshop from a previous convention): https://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/imurray2/juggling/workshops/

2. I forgot my hand-cream and got dry/cracked hands from all the juggling and hand-washing. Fortunately @Heydar is awesome and gave me some E45. Because I noticed that the mixer taps in the toilets were almost always turned to their hottest setting, I'm sharing a tip from a friend in the NHS: don't use really hot water for frequent hand-washing. Concerned I might be spreading disinformation, I checked a literature review. It seems to back up that using hot water can cause dermatitis, and that it's not necessary for hygiene. Warm/tepid water is recommended (and cold water is fine if you still wash your hands for long enough?).

5balls - - Parent

Thanks Iain, highly appreciated!

Florian from Tübingen (you very patiently tried to teach me the Phoenician Waltz in Königswiesen)


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