Speaking of Bungay Balls Up.

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The Void -

Speaking of Bungay Balls Up...
Add yourself (in hidden mode, if you like) if you're coming along to this year's iteration of the world's longest juggling convention. #BBU2024 #BBU

Little Paul - - Parent

Alas we can’t do BBU this year, as I’m taking an enormous 70 year old phone exchange camping at https://www.emfcamp.org instead!

We should be back at BBU 2025 though!

The Void - - Parent

It’s nice here. Even had a surprise visit from the deep past yesterday. :-)

The Void - - Parent

My pics are up here:

The Void - - Parent

Right, I've been getting nostalgic for the days when people wrote convention reviews. So, having done some searching about, I've been noting broken IJDb links on http://tlmb.net/BBU/Archive.html and appending them with (currently) working Google Groups ones. I even found a short thread from the very first BBU. I've fixed the Video page there too so the embeds all work again now. I may even get around to adding dates and stuff for post-2014. But not today.
#BBU #Bungay #BungayBallsUp


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