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Mïark -

EJC 2024, Ovar; jugglers looking forward to the European Juggling Convention in Portugal this year might be pleased to hear the website, www.ejc2024.org , is now online and the EJC organisers say tickets will go on sale on 10th February.


Mïark - - Parent

EJC 2024, Ovar, pre-reg is now open!

You can go to it directly https://ti.to/ejc2024 , but it is also linked from EJC 2024 website www.ejc2024.org

The tickets are grouped at different prices (a bit like airline pricing); the are 350 Adult tickets for 173€, 700 Adult tickets for 193€, 1200 Adult tickets for 213€, and unlimited quantity of Adult tickets for 253€.
Tickets for people aged 8-17 (at time of EJC) will be 100€, and people under 8 years (at time of EJC) will be free. People under 16 years will need to be accompanied by an adult.
Tickets do not include Gala Show, which will cost: 18€ (Adult), 10€ (8-17 years), free (under 8 years)
Day tickets will cost 50€
3€ of the ticket price goes to the EJA, but there is also opportunity to donate multiples of 5€ to EJA when you pre-register.

Pre-register as soon as you can to let the EJC organisers know how many jugglers to prepare for.


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