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Carlo Cerato -

my best video yet
is out

really happy to share it on juggling edge!

The Void - - Parent

That was fantastic. Thanks very much for posting it here.

Jesterman - - Parent

Beautiful work. Inspiring on all the levels...

Juggling patterns
Color design
Video editing

Super cool !

Tufty - - Parent

Oh, man, that's beautiful.

Orinoco - - Parent

That was superb, well done Carlo & your team!

Do you treat the paper of your props in some way? The closeup at 2:07 looks like it might be sprayed with something? I'd guess the paper would break down & lose it's shape fairly quickly as you handle it.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Mesmerizing. Overwhelming. Epic. ... and pioneer's work for juggling.

Carlo Cerato - - Parent

You are all very kind, thanks a lot!
PS: it's not paper!

barnesy - - Parent

I thought it looked like sheets of polystyrene?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Whatever material - it's 'lightweight juggling' for sure.

JonPeat - - Parent

That was wonderful, thank you for sharing it.


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