Having just made some cheap ball pit juggling balls for some workshops I have…

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Having just made some cheap ball pit juggling balls for some workshops I have weighted my normal Play Sil-X Light (I think) balls (just to get a weight to fill the self made balls) and noticed more variation on the weight than I would have expected. (In case you don't know this balls, this are hybrid balls with a soft shell and a silicone oil as filling - not as much dead drop as russian balls, but maybe a bit less wobbly - tastes on those diverge, for me this are my favourite balls). Now those are several years old and while I always thought of them as pretty tight and wouldn't expect them to leak I can not rule that out entirely. Also they were bought at different years and while they *should* have been the exactly same ball I also can't rule out that Play changed the fill levels (The weight table on their ball configurator page has different weights than I remember from some years ago).

Has anyone experienced that as well? Does Play sell silicone oil for refilling and has anyone tried this? Or does anyone know which brand of silicone oil they use? I think I have seen some video some years ago on how to remove the plug and that should probably not be a problem I think. Unfortunately they don't do the juggling convention in Imbersago (Conventions di Giocoleria della Brianza) anymore where I would have asked them directly ;). I miss that convention.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

The last set I bought (from Oddballs) were different weights. They kindly took them back and replaced them with new ones that were an identical weight (108 grams).


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