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5balls -

I remember Maria wrote some log post quite some time ago about passing a countdown triangle. That is the countdown pattern passed in a triangle but with the twist that everyone starts the countdown pattern at a different time and it still works out fine. Anyone knows this pattern or where to find it? My google skills were not sufficient (not even sure if google indices the practice logs) and I think I also didn't find it in the Highgate collection. Help very much appreciated, thanks a lot!

david - - Parent

Well Maria did post in a thread by Brook Roberts about a complicated triangle that Brook said could be done as a countdown.


5balls - - Parent

Hmm, but if I understand Brook Roberts right this is a rotating feed pattern? So while it starts with a triangle pass and that is where you can rotate it is otherwise still a feed? And I think the suggestion was to replace some of the regular passes in some patterns (or 3's in general?) with doubles and do this also with a "regular" countdown pattern? I guess it is debatable where it changes between a triangle and a feed, but If I remember it correctly the pattern I'm looking for was a strict triangle in that all passers always passed at the same time (or was it sometimes only two?) but who passed to whom changed in a nontrivial manner and I think two passers started counting down and one up or vice versa. Still all passers would on their own pass in a countdown pattern.

Mïark - - Parent


There are a few in the Highgate Collection, I think my favourite is Quasar on page 142 (in the Juggling Edge version)

There are a few more 3 person countdown patterns preceding it


Mïark - - Parent

Hmm, forum playing up..

I'll try and post that link again: https://jugglingedge.com/pdf/highgate.pdf#page=143

5balls - - Parent

Ah, I think that is exactly what I was looking for, thanks a lot!

Maria - - Parent

Yes, that is the pattern I have juggled, so it's possible that I have mentioned it here as well. If not in the forum, it should at least be somewhere in my practice log.

Anyway, happy to see that Miark could help you find it. :)


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