I tried juggling while typing this

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RegularJugular -

I tried juggling while typing this

The first line took ~20 attempts, so from this line & on it's typed without juggling...

Does anyone here know of anyone else who can juggle & type successfully?

Can any coders on here code & juggle? That seems like a good exercise in being able to recall while distracted.

Cheers ;)

Tufty - - Parent

ok lets try

Damn, that's hard.

The Void - - Parent

Thanks for the laugh!±


Yes, ±, why not? It was very hard, and my only hope was to go into one round of 423 each time I wanted to type a single letter with a 1-finger prod. The above line contained several drops, but I made it a rule that I had to delete (whilst juggling) any letters I'd typed which resulted in a drop. Sometimes I mistyped a letter, and managed to delete it while still juggling. Anyway, I award you "funniest thread title of the year", RegularJuggler, because I laughed aloud. Nice one.


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