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Carlo Cerato -

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, my name is Carlo Cerato! Nice to meet you all, nice to have a place like this for juggling.
I'm a professional juggler, my work lately has been finding new objects, inusual techniques, and how to structure all of this in an abstract scenic context.
If you are interested, here is my instagram, from there you will be able to find everyhting you need: https://www.instagram.com/carlo.cerato/

Thanks again!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Carlo,
Welcome to The Edge.

Tufty - - Parent


That's some very nice work.

Giocoleria da diporto - - Parent

<it> Ciao Carlo, benvenuto! E mi raccomando: fai proseliti tra i giocoleri a vantaggio di questo sito 😅. Non se ne può davvero più delle piattaforme sociali!
E lunga vita all'ideatore di questo sito, sperando non si stufi mai, come accadde a quello di jugglingdb.com </it>

Hi Carlo, welcome! And please: make converts among the jugglers for the benefit of this site 😅. I'm really sick of social platforms!
And long live to the creator of this website, hoping he never gets bored, as happened to the one who created jugglingdb.com one.


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