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Rhodora Fitzgerald -

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! We belonged to a juggling club about 30-40 minutes from home for several years. We only attended occasionally, as it was a bit of a drive, but after that club became inactive, we decided to give it a go closer to home. In January of this year, we started the St. Charles Juggling Group in the small town of St. Charles Michigan. We currently have about 10-12 regulars and hoping to grow the group some more. After only 2 months of juggling, we're already seeing a lot of enthusiasm and progress in our new jugglers. If you're ever in the area, come check us out. We're very informal and mostly beginning jugglers, but we're having fun!

The Void - - Parent

Hi Rhodora,
Welcome to The Edge, and good luck with the club!

Rhodora Fitzgerald - - Parent



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