Best Juggling Training Videos (2023)

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RegularJugular -

Best Juggling Training Videos (2023)

These videos are ones I wish I could have seen when I started. If anyone wants to contribute their own best of, or comment please do.

1. 5 CLUBS (but applies to everything): If I'd implemented better foundation moves at the beginning I would be a better juggler.

My experience: The hardest type of learning is unlearning. Getting 2 prop foundation moves solid at 5 height is a lot easier to diagnose issues with than diagnosing a running 5 prop pattern.

2. STEALS: Because videos explaining this at a basic level seem to be rare.

3. PASSING: Wish the video covered more advanced passing tricks, but tutorial videos on passing are rare.

Although text based resources for passing exist, such as:

4. 4b MM: "It's a trick that you feel"... Good training can be about being relatable.

Some Juggling Enthusiast channels (perhaps not always relatable to beginners):

5. POSTURE: Some good advice on posture.

Observation: Which patterns last the longest by height of pattern & elbow position?


Maria - - Parent

For more passing videos and resources, you can check out
Lots of interesting patterns (videos), most of them at least described with the notation, sometimes with more detailed description and practice patterns. They also have some theory and workshops (with both workshop notes and videos).

RegularJugular - - Parent

Thank you for that link. That is a much better resource than what I found for passing before I posted.

Maria - - Parent

Always happy to help when it comes to passing. It's my favorite kind of juggling. :)


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