Hello, I am momo.

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Hello, I am momo.

I do juggle since 2009 and attended several circus conventions and organized Hamburg conventions.

Spending time with other circus people, exchanging ideas, playing games and having a good time together gives me a lot of joy. I like club passing, watching people being creative in whatever way and playing diabolo.

I will be travelling to Gothenburg and Stockholm from 19th to 28th of September and would like to meet with other circus people there. So please contact me if you have advice what to do, where to go or if you would like to meet: juggling <at> bjoernb.org


p.s. some passing workshops I held at EJC Brunico and other circus conventions:
- https://momo.ninja/passing/workshops/

Maria - - Parent

Welcome to Sweden! I wrote you an email.

The Void - - Parent

Welcome aboard.


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