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Joel Moots -

Just a post to say, ”Hi.” I learned the 3-ball cascade (too) many years ago and never thought much beyond that till I taught my younger teen, Noah, a couple years ago. About a year after that we discovered juggling clubs existed (because we were trying to find other unicyclists) and have been going to the Kansas City Juggling Club ever since -- about 4hrs roundtrip. We've been trying to start the Little Apple Juggling Club here in Manhattan, Kansas and are finally starting to have a tiny bit of success. \o/

I love the juggling community but don't plan on posting any practice sessions, since they're pitiful, and I'm still struggling with 5b, while Noah's on 7b.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Joel,
Welcome. I like that Manhattan, Kansas is called the Little Apple. :-)
Happy World Juggling Day, by the way!

Joel Moots - - Parent

Thanks! Yep, it's totally coincidental, but we're doing a learn-to-juggle activity at a local Juneteenth celebration today.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome & good luck with your club and your practise. Nice story.


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