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Richard Loxley -

It's a week until Bungay Balls Up starts, and we're looking forward to welcoming you all!

We should have all the usual facilities, including the Big Top, Cafe Chameleon, the games tent, toilets, showers, outside camp fire, etc.

We've been working behind the scenes to make the convention as safe as possible for everyone this year, as COVID is still a concern.

The good news is as BBU is in a field, most areas are pretty well ventilated, which helps reduce risks considerably.

These are the extra things we're doing this year:

(1) we'll have CO2 monitors in the cafe tent and games tent to show how well ventilated they are (using an easily visible green/orange/red/flashing-red colour-coded system)

(2) we'll be putting extra tables and chairs in the big top, so people who want to eat or socialise in a more ventilated space can choose to do so

(3) we'll be providing plenty of firewood for the outdoor camp fire, for those that prefer to keep warm away from crowded areas

(4) during the show and convention meeting, we'll be making sure the big top has extra ventilation

Before you leave for Bungay, please do check if you have any symptoms that make you think you might have COVID, and if so please take a test before coming. Lateral Flow Tests are available from Boots for about £2 each.

If you do have access to LFTs, it's worth taking a test anyway, as COVID is often symptomless.

See you next week!

Orinoco - - Parent

I shall be there. Looking forward to my first festival since Bungay 2019 (blimey)

The Void - - Parent

Hurray for #BBU2022!

Orinoco - - Parent says the 2019 prices have been confirmed. How are the 2022 prices coming along?!

The Void - - Parent

That reminds me, I must nip to the cashpoint for some 2019's-worth money.


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