Message from EJA about EJC 2023:

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Message from EJA about EJC 2023:

Last night the EJC teams announced that the EJC for 2023 passed from France to Ireland.
A close count in terms of votes, France was originally elected to host the event, by the jugglers attending the VEJC General Assembly last July. Unfortunately a problem with camping space has meant that the decision was made to withdraw from hosting, and Ireland (in consultation with the EJA) has agreed to take over the event.
We are very, VERY grateful to both the French and Irish teams for their co-operation and efficiency in this time, plus all of the hard work that both teams have already invested in their projects.
We look forward to visiting Ireland in 2023, and look forward to France's next bid for the event.
Further details can be found with the two teams announcements here:
And more news will follow at the European Juggling Convention 2022 in Tres Cantos!
See you there.
-EJA Board

For those unable to access facebook, you can see details of the Ireland bid at



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