Wes Peden at BJC2022!

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Jak -

Wes Peden at BJC2022!

We are excited to announce that one of the world's most inspirational jugglers will be coming along to the British Juggling Convention next Easter! Join us (and him!) by buying your tickets now from https://bjc2022.co.uk

Wes will be presenting his Ultra-modern pop-punk juggling show ROLLERCOASTER!

Juggling’s own superhero returns with one hour of unadulterated joy. Using the thrill and design of Rollercoasters as a starting point for a performance of the most exhilarating juggling ever made.

Huge blue inflatable structures, electro beats made from distorted rollercoaster sounds, Peden performs original tricks inspired by rollercoasters and their high-tech seatbelts. A spinning plate ceremony becomes a celebration of the great rides of the past; an epic 3 ball disco juggling evokes the evolution of rollercoasters; a 4-meter transparent tube turns into a path around Wes’ body to make balls flow through loops, helixes, and corkscrews. Rollercoaster twists theatrical rules to create a safe space place to perform some of the most difficult and unique juggling ever done on stage!

Rollercoaster is produced by Wes Peden and Gandini Juggling

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