New trick for this lunchtime.

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Tufty -

New trick for this lunchtime.

Not quite sure how to express this in valid siteswap, but it's three throws of 5 followed a synchronous 4 ball throw. It's kinda 555[4,4] although that's not valid. The timings are a bit wierd, the 5 throws need closer to a 7 ball rhythm.

I can get 2 or 3 rotations of it so far.

The Void - - Parent

5 balls? With a base pattern of cascade?

Tufty - - Parent

yeah, 5 balls, a fast flash of 3 balls then a pair of synchronous 4 balls.

Scott Seltzer - - Parent

Looks like Cindy Marvell did a similar trick just 1,628 weeks ago here: (that's 1:30:21 timestamp) - though she did it with 4x,4x.

Tufty - - Parent

That's it. Well, it was new to me :)

david - - Parent

That was my first time attending a convention/festival and Cindy went on to be first in the individual championships that year.

IANAsiteswap expert but could it be described as 555[4,4]2 or [4x,4x,]2 ?

Adrian G - - Parent

I'd probably describe it 555(5x,5x)* (the * is needed so it repeats on the other side, and the sync beat hides a beat afterwards which is why I don't have a 2)

Here it is with juggling lab (though the timing is a bit different and had to adjust dwell ratio to make things work, that could be fixed in the siteswap instead but it'd end up more complex):,5x)*;dwell=0.8

Tufty - - Parent

Yay, that's it.

7b_wizard - - Parent

That's an interesting small little flourish movement, that alternatingly the early one of the synch hands does for 1/2 a beat of delay.


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