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bad1dobby -

Contact sword...! [vid]

Apart from the fact that he’s using a sword, he also has a bunch of moves I’ve not seen before.
And it’s beautiful...

Orinoco - - Parent

That is a beautiful act. & I think it is the prop that makes it, if it was a regular contact staff I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

He misses a trick at 1:22 though. He should have a loose piece of fabric in his skirt attached by a breakable thread or some other clip so that when the sword goes through it it looks like it cuts through!

bad1dobby - - Parent

I totally agree about the impact of the sword. A non-juggler might think it’s the ‘danger’ element that enhances, but I think it’s more the asymmetry. Also the ‘rightness’ - when it rolls up his arm to land perfectly in his hand, it just makes me cheer.
The skirt is the one element I would like to see changed - something more along the lines of a kendo skirt or a Sufi twirling skirt would better suit the martial arts feel while still highlighting the spins. The chiffon is just too ... chiffon.


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