I'm mid 60's.

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Chris Freemantle -

I'm mid 60's. Used to do a little bit of juggling / balancing a broom on my foot / spinning a plate or tray (people didn't like it when I did it with their best plate ;-). With lockdown have sort of started with 3 balls again - muscle memory is not bad, but reactions have taken a little knocking. I suppose I'm aiming for 5 balls, but may revise! Also learning to unicycle. What I really wanted to ask on the forum is : fountains are normally done with the same number of balls in each hand. While I understand it would likely be VERY difficult, is there any intrinsic reason you can't do fountains with, say 3 balls in one hand and 2 in the other, or 2 balls in one hand and 4 in the other? I've tried the trivial case of one ball in one hand (OK, not really juggling) and two in the other - seems possible with a bit of practice.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Chris,
Yes, you can do split-number fountains. I've done 3-2. The issue is that it means you're doing different rhythms with each hand, which does tend to mess with your head!
Try it anyway, it's a fun challenge,

Mike Moore - - Parent

Hi Chris, welcome!

Here are a couple examples that I did a few weeks ago of what you're describing.

Kelhoon - - Parent

You could do a 3-2 fountain as Void described and also (if you understand site-swap) as 666660 i.e. 3 in one hand, 3 with a hole (leaving 2) in the other, couldn't say which was the easiest. Click the highlighted numbers to get an idea of what it looks like.

Tufty - - Parent

There's different ways of doing these, as pointed out previously, and it's all a bit patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

Probably the easiest is with a "hole", much like practising 5 balls with 4, or, indeed, doing a 3 ball columns pattern but in a fountain. I found this easier to do "in sync", but it's harder to get into from a cascade.

Next easiest for me was with differing heights. For 5 balls this would be 6s in one hand and 4s in the other, the feel is a bit like 534 with 4 balls. Pretty easy to get into from a cascade, you could probably swap sides too but that would mean being able to do the 6s with the non-dominant hand, something I never managed. It could probably evolve into something like 645 (I think that works)

Then there's the in-and-out-of-sync way, which I never managed to get my head around for more than a few throws. Its throwing "half a hole" with one hand, and it's a horrible headfuck.

I've never tried any of these with anything more than 5 balls, cause I'm crap at numbers.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

> is there any intrinsic reason you can't do fountains with, say 3 balls in one hand and 2 in the other, or 2 balls in one hand and 4 in the other?

It's sometimes referred to as polyrhythmic juggling and was explored in some detail a few years ago by Joost Dessing amongst others. If you are lucky there might be some old videos lurking on the web.

Whatever happened to Joost?

Ewano - - Parent

He dropped out of the juggling festival scene and became a lecturer, but to be honest I don't think he ever recovered from Pimms night.

Did any of us really?

Oh and yes, I'm still alive - but I'm not reading the 4786 forum posts since my last login..

Little Paul - - Parent

Someone on the radio was encouraging people to try putting herbs in their GnT - including chives

mike.armstrong - - Parent

Wasn't that Peter?

mike.armstrong - - Parent

I mean Pieter. Bloody autocorrect

Little Paul - - Parent

I think they were shopping together weren’t they?


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