EJC 2021 in Hanko have announced their new dates: 17-25 July 2021 - tightly…

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Mïark -

EJC 2021 in Hanko have announced their new dates: 17-25 July 2021 - tightly squeezed in between the IJA festival and the British Juggling Convention, so if you were really keen you go to all three events next year.

Their announcement:
Dear juggling community,

Year 2020 has brought us a lot of changes and surprises. Corona not only cancelled events all around the world and forced us to quarantine ourselves but forced many of us into difficult financial positions. The performing arts community got hit hard by the virus effects and many of our friends and colleagues have been greatly affected.

EJC Hanko 2020 was not an exception. Our yearly meeting got postponed and we were forced to face a summer without juggling conventions or the possibility to connect with our circus friends from all over the world.

After all that grimace, it is time for some good news. We now have the official new dates to mark in your calendar! Start getting hyped because EJC 2021 will take place in Hanko, Finland between 17.-25.7.2021!

Now you can count the days to rejoin our delightful juggling community and celebrate life, love and circus triumph over fear and distress.

Until then, stay safe and enjoy your summer!

One love. One circus.

The EJC Team

from www.facebook.com/EJC2021Hanko

#EJC2021 #EJC2020


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