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The Void -

Bungay Balls Up is happening in virtual form this May, on our originally scheduled dates.

Our virtual video chatroom/meetup/hangout will go live on Friday 15th May from ~18:00 BST.
If you're a Bungay regular, or if you've just always wanted to come along, then pop in at some point. There's already a virtual poker tournament scheduled for May 22nd, and other events may well pop up as we go along.

Thanks to Richard for sorting out all the relevant coding.

We'll post the URL on Friday!

John R - - Parent


For UK readers, St Peter’s Brewery, about two miles from the Bungay buttercup field, delivers nationwide. I recommend them if you drink alcohol and like beer.

(On the other hand this brewery links to the late lamented ijdb, which is intriguing: http://www.banksandtaylor.com/link.html )

The Void - - Parent

Testing has gone well....

The Void - - Parent

Okay Bungayphiles, the site is more or less set up, so if you want to pop in a bit early, head along to...


...and input the password that you should be able to figure out. If you can't figure it out, please ask @BungayBallsUp on Twitter for help.

It's Bungay Time!

Richard Loxley - - Parent

The virtual convention is doing really well. So far about 188 "attendees" over the first 6 days. Still very busy even on the weekdays, and we'll probably get more people again at the weekend.

If you haven't popped in yet, please do. It really does feel like a "proper" convention, with the number of people, and the social interaction and workshops.

See you at https://virtual.bungayballsup.com/


Monte - - Parent

I had a great time at this year's Bungay. Had a real BBU feel to it. Great to see so many familiar faces.
Online games accompanied with a video chat room were a great innovation. Congrats to Void for becoming backgammon champion 2020.
Plenty of great poker with all the banter of face to face sessions. Congratulations to Hairy for winning this year's tournament. In fact the poker worked so well we are planning a monthly game using the virtual BBU site which is remaining open.
Mixed reviews of the food. Some people commented that it was no better than they could have made themselves while others liked the homemade feel of the menu. Toilet and shower facilities were an improvement over usual although the view from the composting toilets was missed by many.
A lot more workshops than usual including creative writing, baking, crafts and crossword solving.
A few regular faces missed it this year but most of the usual Bungay faces were here. It was the best ever attended BBU with over 200 coming from as far away as Miami.
Still hoping to do something in September but a socially distanced camping get together at the farm is the most likely outcome. A decision to be made nearer the time.

Big thanks to all those who made it possible. Workshop leaders, quiz and games organisers and most of all Richard for providing the site.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

It was lovely to attend my first Bungay. I don't tend to go to workshops (and I was working full time throughout anyway), but I enjoyed the tour of the farm.

As people keep telling me, it felt a lot like the old Bristol conventions.


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