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Orinoco -

Scheduled posts!

If you need to make a clean get away after making a post & feel a few days head start would be of benefit to you, you are now able to schedule posting for a future date.

To do so use the full post form to compose your post, then check the 'Schedule posting for a later date' box & fill in a future date.

From your profile you can access a list of scheduled posts if you need to edit/delete them.


Little Paul - - Parent

I like that, might be useful for people who want to post event reminders.

Or for pretending you’re in a time zone you’re not, for oh I don’t know... posting fake reports from a juggling fest you didn’t go to?

Orinoco - - Parent

You can't specify exact times at the moment, just a date. Scheduled posts will appear at 08:00 UTC which is when all the other housekeeping routines run. I'm not sure that level of fine control is worth the extra clutter, but I can put that in if necessary.

Little Paul - - Parent

Don't bother, I'd only abuse it ;)


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