Does anyone have tips for 7 ball running?

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Johnathan Mundell -

Does anyone have tips for 7 ball running? My best is 16 catches but my average is only around 6 catches. Thanks!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Oh yeah, getting over flashing is a thing on its own ..

I'd say, first of all, to guide you any further, it'd be helpful to know, if you either launch in a crescendo way starting with lower throws then slightly higher and higher to get on height, or elseif you throw the right height (that you think) fro first ball on and stay ononly that height, orelse if you do one or two first slow starting throwss and only at the right moment join in with the rest of the balls.

Having gotten upto over a qualify already, you know how it then feels much different, when you can do throws 7, 8, 9, a.s.o. with then empty hands and with caught not held-in-hands balls anymore. Only that then is where your hands will be doing same alternating throws and where the balls can roll in their hopefully viable pattern.

I mean, a change is what you need now, a change from mainly flashing into drops and 99% into "not a viable pattern" towards such a viable pattern with good ratioes ( height per beat & vice versa, & handspeed ) thus in a good comfortable(!?) rhythm, without hasting or pumping too much, that is, where you have milliseconds enough to aim every single ball well.

So, I'd say, go for those rethrows and get them as many and as often as can ( risking even drops and going on in a good rhythm if there is, also after a drop with remaining 6 balls ) and focus on seizing such well-aimed and well-timed rethrows into keeping going like that.

Focus on the top of the pattern and feed that top well.

Throw more from inside near the middle to avoid collisions if you pattern is too narrow or your handscoop too little and you'r getting collisions a lot.

Many things are there to tune how you're doing or to find into such a viable pattern .. throwing angles, .. wristyness, .. dwelltime, .. pattern's width, .. keeping the frontplane near enough, .. straight posture with \ without bent knees, .. elbows near hips, .. low \ high crossing point, ..

In its right rhythm, well-aimed and well-timed, rolling the pattern will (all of a sudden) feel much easier, .. so, whenever you're needing huge effort or lotsa fidgeting all over the place, there's still sth wrong, so (also a lot:) seek that right easy rhythmic pattern, that metronomic simplicity of being snapped-in in the right ratioes, rather than trying to get it by (instead of only) forcing.

7b_wizard - - Parent

[ sry for the typoes, currently got bad keys]

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

I have been going too narrow(the opposite of when i learned 5)but my arms still have a lot of growing left.
The height i can't really change as my ceiling is maybe 8-10 ft tall at the highest but i will have gym access once a month this winter.
When i watch the video of my qualify i can't believe how fast my hands are going!
Thanks a lot!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Aah, that's good, that you got that run on video, so you can anytime when you seem stuck watch to remember which way to go.

I say, such a run (with good handspeed) very much comes with a very good pattern, especially perfectly well-aimed balls landing pretty much exactly where you expect them, where catchhand awaits them, thus near to fully automized catching with all your focus free to focus on throwing and aiming the throws well. A question of right rhythm, aiming and timing, rather than of effort, overtension, force and muscles. The 'finished' pattern should be soft, smooth, nimble, and that's what's also always worth going for. Maybe also synching your mindspeed - if that makes sense or if one can manage - to such a pattern's rhythm does a good deal in getting it.

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

well it wasn't that run but i have 2 15 catch runs on my youtube channel:

Johnathan Mundell - - Parent

19 catches (correct me if i'm wrong)


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