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Frankie -

Hi, I'm new here. I'm trying to get five balls but my 4th and 5th throws I do as 4s any advice?

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi there, Frankie. We should find out why you get fountain throws - do you do 4b fountain a lot, for example? Are you hasting the last throws after a too low launch, or alike? And, are those maybe rather straight up columns than inside-->outside fountain throws, kind 'a getting up rid of those two last balls, just to have them done (without aiming at all)?

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Try throwing the first five throws but don't catch them. When you don't have to worry about catching you can concentrate more on the throws.

Frankie - - Parent

thanks for the advice I'll try it

Maria - - Parent

Hi Frankie!
I am also working on 5 balls.
If you do unintentional fountain throws, it's probably because your hand is already moving outwards to catch the ball that's coming down. So... Either you need to release the ball a bit earlier, or you need more time before the catch, or you are moving your hand outwards earlier than you have to.
Things you could try would be: Throw higher to get more time, focus on an even throwing rhythm (make sure you don't have to rush the last throws), do the exercise that Cedric suggested, focus on the throws. I also found that sometimes shifting the main focus from the peaks of the orbits (where I usually focus) to a rather low crossing point helps me get the balls to cross.


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