When I registered for EJC, my order confirmation e-mail said:"We will send you…

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Danny Colyer -

When I registered for EJC, my order confirmation e-mail said:"We will send you an e-mail after Pre-registration finishes in July 2019, with more information about the event."With just over a week to go until the event, I'm getting a bit twitchy about not having had that e-mail yet. Has it been sent out and I've missed it (it's not in my spam folder), or have they not been sent yet? I imagined that the e-mail would be drafted in advance and ready to go as soon as pre-reg closed.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I haven't got such an email, and I haven't heard of anyone else getting one.

The organisers don't seem to read Juggling Edge, so I'd suggest either sending them an email or asking a question on the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ejc2019/

They have posted quite a few updates on Facebook to say that all you need to gain entry is your order number from your confirmation email, and they haven't mentioned anything about another email. So I suspect they may have forgotten they wrote that in the first email (or changed their minds).

Is there anything specific you wanted to know about the event? The website information is pretty comprehensive (I've read everything on there).

Danny Colyer - - Parent

I don't know what might have been in the e-mail that I might want to know, because I haven't had the e-mail!

I actually drafted my post in the Facebook group first, but then decided to post here instead (I'm sure I've seen organisers posting here about EJC). Copying from the FB editor and pasting here didn't do much for the formatting :-(

I've followed your advice and posted to FB now.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

Yeah, there have been a couple of posts here by EJC organisers, but they seem to post an announcement and then disappear, not answering any follow-on replies.

I think they were trying to announce stuff on as many forums as possible, but not necessarily regularly monitoring for replies.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I've just seen this posted on Facebook:

We are worried that jugglers coming to EJC in Newark might not be getting their "more information" e-mail due to spam filters or other technical difficulties. So in case you have not received your e-mail. The contents were as follows:

EJC 2019 Registration and Arrival Information



It's only a couple of days till you will be arriving at the EJC here in Newark. We hope that you are all super excited and ready for all the amazing things that we have planned.

We do need to tell you a few things about the arrangements for registration, arriving, and more for EJC 2019 in Newark


Please bring your id (eg passport, id card, etc) and your registration confirmation email. NO NEED TO PRINT IT OFF - SAVE THE TREES.

Please remember if you are under 18 you need to bring your signed parental permission form. These can be found at the bottom of www.eja.net/prereg-terms/ .


Arriving by Train / Coach
If you are going to be arriving into Newark-on-Trent on Saturday 3rd August there will be shuttle buses leaving from Newark Northgate Station and close to Castle Station (Castle Wharf). The buses are scheduled for departure from Northgate at around the following times:

Bus ONE starts at 10am and runs till 5pm ( 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00 )

Bus TWO starts at 12.30pm and runs till 7:30pm ( 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30)

The buses will cost £3 per person and you will need to pay the EJC steward before you get on the bus.

If you arriving outside of these times you can call a local taxi firm - there may be some outside the station.

Newark Northgate is approximately 2 miles (3.5km) from the EJC 2019 site, but is not a pleasant route to walk

(There will be a similar arrangement for leaving the EJC on the 11th August - details will be posted at Info Point at EJC)

Arriving by Car

Do not trust google maps if it tries to send you to the EJC 2019 office in Nottingham, the correct event location is:

Newark Showground, Drove Lane (off Lincoln Road), Newark-on-Trent, NG24 2NY, UK ( 53.101355, -0.769513 )

You can follow the signs for the Newark Showground and the Air Museum

If you are arriving in a live in vehicle, caravan, camper etc then you need to go to Blue Gate - This is also where you need to go if you have ordered Electric hook up - Either live in vehicle or tent.

If you are camping in a tent then you need to go to Red Gate. Please park your car and walk to the gate. You will NOT be allowed to bring your car on to the campsite. There will be people around to help you carry your stuff - just ask nicely.

Red gate registration is open from around 10am till 9pm after that everyone should go to Blue gate . The security will let you in and register you in.


If you have any questions please look at the EJC 2019 website www.ejc2019.org to see if your question is answered there. We are very busy with last minute preparations so there is limited opportunity to answer e-mails.

EJC is run by jugglers for jugglers, it would not be possible without all the people volunteering, please remember to thank the volunteers who have put in a huge amount of time and see what volunteering you can do too.

See you in Newark!

EJA Pre-reg

For what it's worth, my mail server hasn't had any connection attempts from them in the last 3 weeks, so it seems the "technical difficulties" are at their end.

Orinoco - - Parent

er... I think the 'technical difficulties' would be better described as, 'not ready in time to do a bulk mail out'. This email was never sent so please don't assume that anyone got it & share this message with anyone & everyone you can.


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