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juggling dot tv was a website. It's been a ride, but we'll soon be archiving. Ciao.

JTV is shutting down: http://juggling.tv/archive

Julien_H - - Parent

That's so sad :-(. I Owe a lot to it!

Thank you for the memories!

Mike Moore - - Parent

I'll miss it dearly.

Orinoco - - Parent

Sad news indeed. But good news that the archive will remain rather than be deleted.

A big thank you to Max, Howie, Void & all the other people involved in keeping JTV broadcasting.

12 years is a fantastic run.

Here's one of my favourites:


5balls - - Parent

Oh, bad news :(

Anyway like @Orinoco I'm very thankful for your work and hope I understand it correctly that it will remain as an archive. I think it is quite important as a record of contemporary juggling history. If you need help with hosting (financially or with some work) please tell, before you pull the plug! It would be a pity if another important juggling webpage were to just disappear.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I saw your edge account created this morning, my first thought was "why 'was'?"

Sad news, may I ask what are the reasons for shutting it down?

I'm glad that the site will stay online!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Sad. Time goes by. Thanks for running it all those years! Thanks for leaving it archived.

Stephen Meschke - - Parent

Thank you for hosting my juggling videos. The 23 videos that I posted have been watched over 8,000 times.

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Thanks for keeping it going for so long. You were among the first to take juggling into a new era.

JTV - - Parent

Thank you for the nice comments, both here, and on email.
For those asking "Have you considered X; what about Y; can we help; etc", this wasn't a decision taken lightly. It's a complex situation, and we've considered many options, but this is the choice we've made.

_ watch

JTV - - Parent

You have six days left if you want to upload anything to JTV.

Little Paul - - Parent

Sad times, but all good things come to an end. I know it was hard when I set trickswithhats to read only, and it took a long time for me to come to terms with having to let it go entirely.

But, things move on, things change, and it all works out OK in the end anyway!

Thanks for all the videos, especially all the archive material :)

The Void - - Parent

Cheers mate. This morning I did my usual check of the site for new uploads, comments, etc. Ah... right... I should probably get out of that habit.
So it goes, and so it goes...

The Void - - Parent

And on that vein, I just found a video that it seems I never got around to uploading. I thought "Oh, cool, I'll just pop that up on JT..... ah."
Need a new plan then...

Monte - - Parent

Well done Void. You actually created something useful and worthwhile. Not many can say that.
Still got your bloody sticker on my kitchen but I shall treat it with love rather than resentment from now on.

The Void - - Parent

Cheers mate. Oh, in that case, I'll bring extra stickers next time I see you. ;-P


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