hello everyone,

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rosiejane -

hello everyone,

Here I am back again to remind you all that EJC is fast approaching - too quickly for me now with mountains of work to still do! so I will be very quick.

I hope that all who want to come, can and have already purchased their tickets - but if you haven't you can still buy them online (ejc2019.org/tickets) and you will be able to buy on the door. (day tickets on the door not online)

My purpose today is tell you:

1- As you know EJC is run as a huge skill sharing event, so to that end we need people to share their skills by volunteering to run workshops - if you would like to run one or two or more please can you send Ben an email on workshops.ejc2019@gmail.com

2- The International juggling Associations Regional Competition (IRC) is holding its first European event at EJC this year and we need performers who would like to take part. The rules and all the information can be found over at ejc2019.org/irc there is prize money to be had and there is no age restriction. Acts will need to send an application in by the 6th July.

3- Just a little reminder that if you want some luxury at EJC this year we do have some additional extras available to order - lockers and electric hook up. They do cost I am afraid and hook up will only be available to order in advance.(cut off will be a couple of weeks before the start EJC) Again go to ejc2019.org/shop

4- We are looking at shuttle bus times for arrivals and departures from Newark rail stations so Dee will be running a survey soon on rail arrival times - more info soon on this.

5- If you have any questions please email me - I tend to post and run on here - Jane.ejc2019@gmail.com

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you in Newark in 58 days.... eeeeeekkkkkk

rosiejane - - Parent

Further to my original post here is the survey that Dee has made, please take 30 seconds to answer


Dee - - Parent

Done using google forms as its still the quickest way to create a survey that wants time and date information (surprisingly difficult in other surveying tools) where you can force people to enter date time information in a consistent fashion...

No personal information requested. If arriving by car, filling in the form will help us understand when peak loads see likely to be at registration, but the primary reason for the survey is to look at when running a bus to the site from Newark may make sense.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

It might be useful to ask whether people would be interested in using the service at times other than on arrival and leaving.

I want to go and explore Newark during the convention, I daresay other people will as well. I'd rather not drive in, and walking options seem limited (I have found a walking route that looks OK, but it's a bit circuitous). I'm not interested in using a bus service for arrival or departure, but I'd happily pay a small fee to get to and from Newark for a day trip. If that can be made to coincide with picking people up from the station, and bump up the numbers to make it viable, great.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

NB. The survey wants the date in American MM/DD/YY format, so you might have some confused answers!

I had to wait until I had my diary in front of me because I knew I'm there Saturday to Sunday, but the date picker didn't show the day of the week so I couldn't fill it in without looking up the dates elsewhere.

Got there in the end though :-)


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