Which pure reaction games do you know?

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7b_wizard -

Which pure reaction games do you know?

I know the one where you and a partner \opponent hold your folded hands against each other at the middlefinger's tips, then hit. Turn changes when you miss.

One holds a bill pointing down. He will let loose and you have to simply grip it in not too great distance below where it's held. ( If you get it, you can keep it lol )

The classic, is it real or is it fiction, keep a coin held out in your flat open hand, and partner has to fetch it before you close your hand on the coin.

( I remember Bill Bixby, the "Magician" in a tv-series, suddenly letting a hanky appear in his hand, in order to catch a cobra by its neck with the other. Surely mere fiction. )

What else?

Orinoco - - Parent

At TWJC we often played a reaction game called 'club passing'. Two or more players would line up & agree on a regular passing pattern (3 count was most popular), but instead of passing to the hand & to the agreed rhythm participants wildly throw passes as far beyond arm's reach as possible while also varying the spin, speed & orientation of the club while at the same time using their reflexes or blind luck to catch their opponent's passes.

There were never any winners.

The Void - - Parent

This is a fun game.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

It is. A veeeeeery long time ago I was passing with Haggis and he introduced me to what he called 'freestyle', wherein you throw whatever the fsck you like, without regard to the agreed pattern, accuracy, timing, etc., with the proviso that it should at least be potentially catchable and an interesting challenge to your partner. It can get very big very quickly but with a little forethought by each end it's a barrel of laughs, and really good for overall passing technique to boot.

Tom Derrick - - Parent

Jon Peat and I used to play a more constrained version of this, which could best be described as "possibly Jim's". We started passing normally in 2 count, but randomly alternated between crossing and straight passes.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

How do you avoid collision when you both pass straight but from opposite hands?

Little Paul - - Parent

That shouldn't happen in 2 count should it?

Orinoco - - Parent

It can in Tom's Possibly Jim's. Juggler A randomly passes 2 straights, juggler B randomly passes a cross & a straight.

This is a fun pattern, for me the trick to avoiding collisions is to know what type of pass your partner is going to throw by the way they line up the pass before they throw it.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

But if both partners think they know that a collision is going to happen, you still need to agree on a way to avoid it or both will do the same avoiding throw :p. Also happens when both cross from opposite hands, I just realized...

I'll give it a shot later

Richard Loxley - - Parent

I've often done the same with 3 count - each throw is randomly straight or crossed. In fact whenever we do Jim's 3 count it usually eventually ends up with this due to boredom.

You do need to angle your throws to avoid collisions, but having an exaggeratedly different throwing and catching hand position helps, as does focussing on what your partner is doing rather than what you're doing.

The latter is an excellent passing skill to develop anyway. If you focus on the other person, then your throws get better as you have feedback on where your passes are going. Your partner then has to focus less attention on catching your passes, so their throws get better too :-)


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