Caveat: I consider myself a passing beginner (Have done the usual count passing…

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Caveat: I consider myself a passing beginner (Have done the usual count passing with some shenanigans, some feeding, some 7 clubs (4 hands) and was trying to learn "Why not" with 5 clubs with a friend before I broke my arm, but thats it basically).

So I've broken my left arm but still go to the juggling meeting watching the others juggle. Last training I did a bit juggling with my right arm, but that is pretty boring (even though some progress with 3 balls in right hand and two clubs juggling doubles - should probably practice singles as well) so I tried to do some passing with my right hand.

What I've tried before and what kind of works is 5 balls with three hands. I juggle on a two count and the passing partner juggles a three count, so I guess it is something like

3p 3 3 3p 3 3
3p 3heff 3p 3heff

I don't know really how to put it in notation, because the rythm for the two passers is different, while the throws seem to take the same time (second throw of two count is "1.5" ). I can put it in a ladder diagram on paper, but not in a causal diagram here, sorry (or is there a feature which allows different time differences between throws?). I noticed, that I throw the heff higher, but that is probably some weird compensation for the rythm differences looking at the ladder diagram I should be able to throw a regular rythm.

After this worked reasonable well I tried to extend it to a feeder pattern with 8 balls (the one armed feeder 1 count, the other two arm feeded 3 count):

A (2 arms): 3B 3 3 3B 3 3
B (1 arm): 3A 3C 3A 3C
C (2 arms): 0 3B 3 3 3B

Writing down the ladder diagram today, it occured to me, that one could do a nice color coding with 4 colors. Two balls stay always with the feeded, balls are never exchanged between the feeded (It occurs to me this also would lead to a nice regular 10 hand 16 prob pattern).

It seems there is kind of a natural tendency to have different rythms for an odd number of hands (excluding the trivial cases where the number of probs is multiple of hands) - is this correct or just an effect of this specific number of balls here? For sure the beginners 1.5 probs per hand does not work for an odd number of hands and we are going for 1.67 or 1.6 probs per hand in this cases here.

Anyone else thought about nice patterns for an odd number of hands for a beginner before?

Orinoco - - Parent

You could do half a Gorilla feed (for those with causal diagrams enabled):

(RL) 3.5p 2 3.5p 2 3.5p
(RL 0.5) 2 3 3.5p 3 3.5p 3 3.5p

Your partner starts holding 3 clubs, you start holding 2 in your non broken arm. You make the first pass, your partner joins in half a beat later passing 2 count.

5balls - - Parent

Ah, that looks quite feasible, thanks!

Maria - - Parent

I had to juggle one-handed for a week or two recently (because of "tennis elbow" or something similar).

The pattern Orin suggested is pretty much what I would have started with, too. Notice the "half beat apart" that is the same as in Why Not (whether the 5-club or the 6-club version) or other 4-handed siteswaps. The pattern can actually be done as a "programming" trick in 6c Why Not, with one club just being held for a while, so by removing that club you get the 3-handed pattern with 5 clubs.

We also tried 3-handed siteswaps. Siteswap 5 is basically the same as the pattern above, just with slightly different rhythm. Te 2-handed juggler need to do a slightly "galloppy" rhythm, so that you get the same amount of time between each throw (your right, his right, his left). Then we tried the different ways to add a 64 among the 5s... so ..5555564555... A 6 being a heff, a 4 being a zap if thrown with my (right) hand or my passing partner's left hand, and a low self if thrown by my passing partner's right hand. Then we went for 5564. (I'm not a beginner, but I think your passing partner's skills matters more than your own in this one.) My pattern became pass, zap, heff, pass.

I also come up with a way to be a feedee in 4-count/2-count feed, or just pass with someone who does 4-count: you throw heffs and double passes. (This was not easy though). Or, let the other juggler throw you doubles, and do heffs and single passes. (I don't think we tried that one.)

(RL) 3p 3 3 3 3p 3 3 3 3p
(LR) 2 4 2 4p 2 4 2 4p 2


4p 3 3 3 4p 3 3 3 4p
3p 2 4 2 3p 2 4 2 3p


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