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Happier EJC post

I hope that you are all aware that the EJC 2019 will be brought to you by a very enthusiastic British team and will be held at a great venue just outside Newark-on-Trent. The dates are 3 - 11 August 2019. Tickets are on sale from this evening and we have a variety of ticket prices for people to choose from. The registration system has been brought to you by a super person who you will all be very familiar with!

The flash sale that was held at the end of November went very well and we will have at least 1700 people at the event! (I know you all like to know the numbers and very rarely hear them from the horses mouth)

pop over to ejc2019.org/tickets later today.

If you have any questions best to email me on jane.ejc2019@gmail.com as I don't frequent juggling edge very often, far too much talk of actual juggling ;)

Thanks for supporting EJC



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