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_Tommy -

Opinions Please!

When is a good time to start learning 6/7 Balls ?

What do you think is a good proficiency level to achieve for 5 balls before moving onto higher numbers.
I.e Number of catches, height of pattern, confidence ect?

I am learning to juggle 5 ball cascade I have been for a couple months now.
My personal best about 70 catches at the time of writing this, (will record and check this weekend).
When I get going on a good session about 30-40 catches average for the runs.

Do you think I should try learning; 3 in one hand in each hand, 3 ball snake ect and other pre-requisites whilst learning 5, or just go for it with 6/7?

Any advise would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


7b_wizard - - Parent

Can't tell for 6b, 3 in one hand, just for 7b:
first thing will be to get used to the additional balls in hands at launch; that can make sense already when you get 5b runs of like 30-50 catches ( which I believe is a first level of running 5b before new hurdles appear like drifts, twists, bad posture, smoother technique that you need for enduring longer ); but you can't yet expect to get longer runs of 7b, much over a flash, before you don't with 5b feel comfortable also at 7b-height and 7b's speed.

I'd say, just try out how good you're doing with 6b and-or 7b - if you're mainly failing and dropping and losing time picking up drops and don't get into any practise rhythm that feels like getting you somewhere -> go back to rather invest that time into controlling 5b better in all kinds of simple variations of height, width, speed, moving with the pattern, short dwelltime, higher handspeed and alike. A (`the´) relevant vid for systematic practise is here: http://juggling.tv/16767. For 6b, that would then be doing those exercises with the fountain with 4b. The more you feel that you're actually really improving with more ball(s), the more investing more time into it makes sense and is then more fun and feels better.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Oh, forgot, .. if you're familiar with and feel comfortable doing siteswaps and don't mind doing with gaps (0-s) and holds (2-s) and fast hand to hand passes (1-s, Ones), aaahnd don't mind doing in a `broken´ rhythm, then a just as good an approach is to train siteswaps with consecutive 6-s, resp. 7-s, in them, like 5b-77722, 5b-771, 5b-7733, 5b-66661, 6b-77772 or alike ( cf. http://jugglesensei.net/SiteswapFun1.htm ).

_Tommy - - Parent

Thank you very much for your response, 7B_Wizard

Firstly I think you have summarized it very well in terms of the drifting and twisting, I am just getting used to wrangling it under control, which is very Satisfying! And I now see how being able to maintain the pattern with clean lengthy runs over time seems to be the best method to preparing for 7.

I'll try some runs of 6/7 this week and continue working on the height and "simple variations of height, width, speed, moving with the pattern, short dwelltime, higher handspeed and alike". That is extremely helpful, and a great way of putting it.

I definitely agree with putting in more time when you feel it paying off, my 4 ball has gotten much better recently since my in air awareness with 5 has gone up and everything in general is slowing down in the air and collisions are less common.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Thank  y o u  for giving the opportunity to - unlike in this very sentence right now - say something useful   :o}     ( = You're welcome, great, it helped! )

No, serious, wrangling it under control, which is very Satisfying! .. yeah, the difference between being chased about the place by your pattern and putting it where you want to.

Jus' one more idea .. it might or might not help to use smaller balls to start with higher amounts (unless these slip through your fingers).

_Tommy - - Parent

Additionally in response to your sideswap assistance, I have been doing basic sideswap patterns but will have to give the ones mentioned ago, they look like great fun!

In regards to the balls,I have been using a mixture of Juggle Dream Pro Sport 120g, and Silx Light (120g) 78mm balls.

I think that the juggle dream help with getting longer runs, and recoveries and controlling the pattern, which I only use inside.
Juggling 5 balls with the silx light balls helps for well scooped throws and better arches crossing in the air and consistent timing, and they look much better, and as I practice outside alot, they are my go to as I live in a rainy country.

I have found that warming up with the bags and then moving onto the balls works really well for me, when I feel the pattern sinking in.

Your advise is very much appreciated

-Kind regards

Mats1 - - Parent

For 6 balls, you want to be able to run 3 in one hand, in your worst hand, for ~15 or more catches at best before you start learning the fountain (remember, scoop!).
For 7 balls, I think you need to be over 100 catches of 5 balls before you start work on 7 (5 balls is not really under any proper amount of control before you break 100 catches).

_Tommy - - Parent

Hi Matts,

Thank you for your response, apologies for the delay.

I think that the numbers you have set out are very reasonable and I really like the Scoop Imagery!

I think i'll put learning 7 ball back on the shelf for a bit, and learn more of the pre-requisites, and spend lots of time on 3 in one hand!

Kind regards

Mats1 - - Parent

Good luck with it :)

Orinoco - - Parent

Several years ago I think it was Haggis Mcleod who used to recommend starting to learn 5 clubs as soon as possible purely because it took so long to learn which I think is as good a reason as any. The sooner you learn a skill the sooner you can enjoy using it.

Instead of thinking about whether to start learning something, can you think of any reason that starting to learn it would be detrimental to you?

You don't need permission to start learning a new skill, if you think it is fun just get to it!

_Tommy - - Parent

Hi Orinoco

Thank you for your insight,

I like the mentality of getting the ball rolling, however slowly.

Now that I have 7 Juggle dream balls, I will try doing some 7 ball flashes every now and then! In addition with lots of sideswap techniques that 7B_Wizard recommended. But leave the serious practice until I get a little better with 5.

And get 2 more Px3's for the 5 club cascade, however far ahead it is!

Kind regards


Stephen Meschke - - Parent

It's too early to start training with 6 and 7. You can maximize your learning rate by training with 2,3,4, and 5 balls. It's okay to give 7 balls a try, but don't spend too much time on it.

Please record more records, so that it is easier for others to see your skill level.

_Tommy - - Parent

Hi Stephen

Thanks for your advice,

I will be concentrating on sideswaps and some different 4 and 5 ball tempo/ height variations ect.
Giving 7 ball flashes a try every now and then after warming up and going back to 5 to slow the pattern down even more.

I will upload some more records over the next few weeks to give users an idea of my skill level.

Many thanks


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