How do you delete messages/threads I suck at this ui and what to know for…

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TreePine -

How do you delete messages/threads I suck at this ui and what to know for general knowledge!

Maria - - Parent

It is not possible to delete or edit messages or threads in this forum.

The Void - - Parent, when you're replying or starting a thread, it's always a good idea to hit "Preview", and read what you wrote, and check fot typos, etc, before pressing "Post".

Hoppity - - Parent

> check fot typos

Love it! ;-)


The Void - - Parent


lukeburrage - - Parent

This “feature” is a large part of why I don’t join in more discussions here.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

... and to your credit you're the kind of gobby mofo who has no compunction in saying so. I dread to think how many other people are just silently put off by this.

peterbone - - Parent

I'm not keen on it. I understand the reasons for having it but there are other solutions. For example, allow editing until someone else responds on the same thread. I've seen this on other forums.

barnesy - - Parent

The big one for me is that the replies and subject changes here are often more interesting than the starting post. The ability to delete a post with replies messes that up. I’m not against the idea of post editing (with some ‘edited’ indication).

When the Edge started, we had Big Talk and Small Talk. Small was meant to be quicker and of the moment. The lack of editing options sort of worked for that. But as we know, that distinction didn’t work out. Maybe it’s time for the UI choices to be reconsidered too.

The Void - - Parent

Would this help?
This is a pic for Juggling Edge, but it works for Twitter too....
— The Void ザ・ヴォイド (@TheVoidTLMB) October 6, 2018

::emoji indicating my level of seriousness, for the benefit of the uncertain::

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Once you hit post it's there for all eternity..


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