Just your basic ballet, contemporary dance, acro, capoeira, clown, slapstick…

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Orinoco -

Just your basic ballet, contemporary dance, acro, capoeira, clown, slapstick routine


It's a bit bizarre & honestly I think half of you will hate it, but I really enjoyed this piece. I think there is a lot of originality here.

If nothing else watch the move at 5:58.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

That was fun :)

mike.armstrong - - Parent

                          ]       ]
                         /       ]
                        /       /
                       /       ]
                      /         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯]
₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫                           ]
₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫                         ``]
₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫                           ]
₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫                         ``]
₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫                           ]
₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫₫                         ``]

JonPeat - - Parent

I also really enjoyed the video.

But I also really enjoyed Mike's thumbs up!

mike.armstrong - - Parent

Thanks Jon. It was mostly for Orin's "benefit", but I'm glad to know that it was appreciated!

lukeburrage - - Parent

Why do you think anyone would hate that?

Orinoco - - Parent

Well, there it is 9 minutes long, there is no toss juggling involved & it is very experimental compared to mainstream circus acts.

Now that I've used the word experimental I'm wondering when an experiment is deemed a success when it comes to circus/theatre which is something I've never thought about before. Probably when it gets copied by others!

lukeburrage - - Parent

To me, this isn't very experimental. It's a fun dance/acro/dance routine, and while it has an interesting mix of styles of body movement I've not personally seen before, it isn't really pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus. Compared to traditional circus, sure, if that's what you mean by "mainstream", but this, to me, is very much in the mainstream of contemporary circus.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

What does experimental mean?

It's definitely beyond the stage of experiment, they know very well that the stuff they do on stage will "work". But a lot of the moves are original, and their relationship not easily definable... But then again that is the case in a lot of contemporary acro shows.

AnnaBod - - Parent

I loved it, the first bit looks like it is played backwards! Very cool.

(Thanks to Sadie, who knew I'd like it and sent it to me in a message)

Squibly - - Parent

I should have known you were omniscient in the world of juggling and would have seen it on here without my help. There are just so many of us lurking in the shadows on the Edge.


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