I was feeling like doing a lot of juggling last night but old friend Anna…

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Orinoco -

I was feeling like doing a lot of juggling last night but old friend Anna dropped in on a surprise visit from Australia so I spent pretty much all night nattering. She seemed very pleased to see that TWJC is still going after so many years. Me too. Nicola returned from her jaunt in Italy &, well, complained about the heat mostly but also told of a great EJC. She also explained to me that graphene won't be very useful for aircraft because it's too brittle. I enjoyed this gem of a conversation with Jenny:

Jenny: There's so much of Australia I haven't seen.
Me: I bet there's a lot of England you haven't seen.
Jenny: I've been to Scotland I'll have you know.
Me: ...

She's a school teacher. I weep for the future.


John Shearing - - Parent

I actually think Jenny won the discussion with a knockout blow Jon.

How much of Australia have you seen?

Was excellent to see Anna back.

I only wish I had the time to get to the pub afterwards.

^Tom_ - - Parent

I've seen quite a lot of Australia -- but I think Aukland was my favourite city.

Kelhoon - - Parent

ok, I have to speak up here.

A) It's Auckland, not Aukland
B) Auckland is in New Zealand, NOT Australia
C) Auckland is in the North Island, pretty much all the best stuff is in the South Island

but bonus points for liking it better than Aussie

Little Paul - - Parent


^Tom_ - - Parent


Kelhoon - - Parent

yeh, ok, I missed the joke, but people get it wrong so often it wasn't hard for me to think it wasn't a joke

^Tom_ - - Parent

I can understand.
The effective German word for UK (and Ireland, without Ireland) is England. In that case the problem is made a lot worse as the more correct alternatives are a pain to say, combined with people not necessarily understanding what UK, GB, BI, etc. actually 100% mean. Therefore people default to the simplest and easiest.

I thought my joke would have been sufficiently obvious, but only because of context.

And, for what it's worth, I am looking forward to visiting NZ one day far more than Aus ;) I can even frequently detect the accent - although that is much more tricky at times.

lukeburrage - - Parent

I have a group of non-British friends who simply call everything "Albion" to avoid any mistakes.

^Tom_ - - Parent

Btw - I have never been to either AUS or NZ.

Mïark - - Parent

Was she referring to the Island of Scotland?

Orinoco - - Parent

Wales isn't part of England either.

John Shearing - - Parent

I see your point a little better now Jon although I still think Jenny was correct in the general point she was making (even though I wasn't present when said conversation took place). And my question to you remains.

^Tom_ are you referring to Aukland, Norway?

Orinoco - - Parent

The sum total of my experience of Australia comes from watching Neighbours, the Flying Doctors (remember that?), Australia, Crocodile Dundee, Mad Max & Steve Irwin.

Little Paul - - Parent

You've never seen Pricilla Queen of the desert?!

John Shearing - - Parent

Having been fortunate enough to visit both New Zealand and Australia I would say there is no comparison possible as they are both different countries and therefore have totally different characteristics.

However, if comparing the people of the two countries I would generalise that Australians tend to be extremely direct in their conversation whereas NeW Zealanders tend to be cuddly like koala bears (although koalas are native to Australia and should not under any circumstances be confused with their more aggressive relative the drop bear).

bad1dobby - - Parent

Drop bear + juggler = damaged for life

Orinoco - - Parent

...& almost forgot. For Kevin, this guy:


...& for no good reason:


bad1dobby - - Parent

>15 million views for a guy drawing dotted lines... the amazing world of YouTube!
(and now >15 million...+1!)

Orinoco - - Parent

I've watched it 3 times now!

Topper - - Parent

I love the guy with the plates.
I wonder what sort of plates they are, heavier than normal spinning plates.

Little Paul - - Parent

First time I watched the dotted lines video, I promised myself I'd learn how to do it, I was somewhat dissapointed when it only took half a dozen attempts to work out the technique :(

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Perhaps learning the perfect freehand circle is more of a challenge?


Little Paul - - Parent

I've tried, but finding a blackboard the right size and height for me to learn that has so far proved a challenge.

The size of the circle is dictated by the length of your arm and the bottom of the circle is dictated by the height of your shoulder.

I'm a shortarse so most lecture theatre blackboards I've tried are too high for this to work, and most non-lecture theatre blackboards are too small.

You mean you *haven't* tried?!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

I've considered, years ago, but even thinking about finding a blackboard made me put this idea aside ;)

Little Paul - - Parent

I always envisioned myself combining the two skills and drawing a "perfect" dotted circle

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Do it with exactly 360 dots!


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