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7b_wizard -

hi @all,

jus' signed in :o) was lookin' 4 a juggling forum (among loads'a dead forums) and found this site active & I follow the records.
I am 50 yo 7b-juggler from upper-rhine germany, PR: 53clean last novembre and have been juggling occasionally upto several weeks since age of 15 but only seriously about 14 years ago investing more and more time 2 upto 6 hours daily the last five years or so to reach my aim like 70-100 catches with 7b or say mastering them like dropping rarely and varying the groundstate wide-narrow, highslow-lowfast at will, walking with the pattern, and do one or other backcross or like [75]-ves, [97]-es, or halfshower or so.
I practice mainly alone or on sunny weather go through drivin' to the park where there's people, but - apart from several watching from a distance - rarely one comes near or even starts using my beanbags or takes a free lesson which I love to give.
.. so looking forward to interesting juggling talk
greets the 7b_(wannabe)_wizard

ejwysz - - Parent

Hey, welcome to the Edge! Sounds like you're getting into juggling more seriously now, just as I have been; Good stuff. What do you mean with the backcross [75]'s and [97]'s? A multiplex(?) in a pattern of how many balls?

And I love teaching people too. I can't count how many sets of russians I've given out to people to learn with. Unfortunately most of them still can't do 3 and probably never will.

You should definitely find a juggling club in your area - this site has a feature that should make that easy. Where do you live?

ejwysz - - Parent

Also, 100 catches of 7 is my current goal as well. Seems golden.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Thanks! :o) I'd just wish to master the 7 balls cascade so as to do single throws in a run like backcrosses aso. When everything fits (speed, rhythm, wrists, body posture, good start, well near the body), it feels just as easy as a 5 ball cascade O.o .. and I want more of that! :o])
3 balls is maybe way too many for many beginners .. some will need to start with even getting a feeling for one one ball flying away uncontrolledly :o] to start with (aiming(!) somewhere instead of throwing it "up and away") .. I believe juggling is like biking, swimming, skiing, skating it's just a little unusual in the beginning and it's a lot about knowing what to focus on (well aimed throws and confidence in a pretty long flight-time make catching really succeed like by itself .. the hands do the catching without need to focus on as much as beginners think. And that's exactly my challenge, to bring those simple things near them to make them have that "Aha! Oh yeah! So easy after all!"-effect :o)
Yeh, know the clubs, but they are far away or "for students only" >.< °doh°
What's Ur level or PR with 7b? Saw, U're rather on fountain ..

ejwysz - - Parent

YES. If I could have one juggling skill magically implanted into my brain, I think a ROCK solid 7b cascade would be it. Either that or rock-solid headbounce. That sucks about the clubs being far away, but hey, that's what this site is for!

For 7 balls my record is somewhere around 30 catches. I really need to get it going better. :/

7b_wizard - - Parent

.. below 30 catches was long time a 'sonic barrier' for me too .. the following made me improve fast upto my round 50 catches PBs .. "above 20 catches daily" was a success then .. now it's "above 30 daily" and many times "above 20 in sequence" - the trainining-effect grows exponentially :o) .. the following helped me to get where I'm now:
1) loosen Ur wrists (throw more from fingers, rather than from the palm of the hand) = short dwell-time, a nimble,
  speedy way of only faster done throwing moves, without(!) doing a faster pulse,
2) keep the pattern (very) near Ur body (feels like throwing above urself),
3) throw the 7th ball at start just a tiny bit higher and stay there at that height (do that bit higher permanently),
4) feed the 7b-height-area 'without any compromise' (don't ever hesitate)
5) a lot of preliminary varying 5b casc at 7b-height and higher, low at 7b-speed and lower (+faster), wide/narrow.
Good luck and looking forward to your PR explosion ;o]) greets wannabe wizard

ejwysz - - Parent

Awesome stuff. Thanks for the tips, I'm going out to practice now!


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