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Roflcopter -

Open for business

almost. So I am I need of a job and I don't buy into the mentality that you have to work a job that you hate. I have business cards ready and an 8 minute act in place right now. But I'd like to ask if anyone knows of good music to perform that is at least 8 minutes long. Thanks guys.
oh and the project I posted about a while back went really well. So big thanks for all the Ideas.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

8 minutes is a looong and boring time for a single song. Why not use 3 different ones in a row?
"good music to perform" is a very vague term. There is so much out there in so many different moods/genres/tempo's/instruments etc, it is impossible to recommend some music without an idea what for. Some songs fit often, but they are likely to be overused..

Roflcopter - - Parent

I need some with n profanity. no heavy beats that I have to match. and that are fitting to a just normal run of the mill juggling routine. like a mediocre version of circus type las vegas acts.
Does that help?

Roflcopter - - Parent

*I need something without profanity

I also need a new keyboard.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

You probably need something without lyrics, which automatically excludes the profanity.
Lyrics usually have a theme that is less abstract than the energy of your juggling, which will take over your show.

Warning: All the music that I will recommend here is likely to be overused or recognizable, which makes it harder to get people to see your act with an open mind. They will be having memories of themselves with these songs...
The 'unknown' stuff you only find if you are much much much more specific.

Electro tango?
Bajofondo. Suggested songs: Montserrat, Fandango

Wanna be a glitchhop contact juggler?
edIT. Suggested songs: Ants, Straight Heat

edIT still to fast for you?
Bonobo. Suggested songs: Silver, Kong

But you are more of the vegas type. Electro swing?
Parov Stelar. Suggested songs: Booty swing, Catgroove

Not swingy enough for you?
Caravan Palace. Suggested songs: Jolie Coquine, Dragons

More traditional maybe? Trumpet?
Herp Albert. Suggested songs: The Work Song, 1980

Even more circus like?
Perez Prado. Suggested songs: Tico Tico, Mambo Jambo

Perhaps something more recognizable.
Fatboy Slim. Suggested songs: Right Here Right Now, Weapon of Choice

Even more recognizable?? Sure?
Daft Punk. Suggested songs: Harder Better Faster Stronger, Superheroes, or even go all the way with "Get Lucky"

More power?
Movie soundtracks....
Suggested songs: Push it to the limit (scarface), Theme from S.W.A.T

More Epic?
Pendulum. Suggested songs: Fasten your seatbelts, Slam

Ok, creating this list is getting tiring. How about you check out:
Mahala Rai Bada
Herby Hancock
Yann Tiersen
Walter Wanderley
Rubin Steiner
Chilly Gonzales
Gotan Project
Phillip Glass
Snarky Puppy
Billy May
Terry Snyder

Or screw all and play an 8 minute version of "Happy" from Pharrel Williams.... Can't go wrong there!

Orinoco - - Parent

run of the mill

Er... if you want to make money through performing these are not good goals to aspire to!

There are some acts that work better in silence, but for most juggling routines (almost!) any music is better than no music. But a good act should use music that complements first & foremost your stage character, & secondly (if possible) complements your juggling. Don't just have music for the sake of it.

To start with your stage character will be your own personality. I think it was Donald Grant who wrote that the audience is not there to see your props, they are there to see YOU. As you perform more learn to exaggerate the parts of your character that work well on stage. Remember what I said about walking on stage? Most people don't walk like that in real life, but the over the top movement looks better on stage. You can also exaggerate other poses & facial expressions.

What music do you enjoy juggling to when you are just practicing on your own? What music makes you feel good when you listen to it (This will have a positive effect on your juggling)? Is there any music which has a beat which matches your normal juggling rhythm?

Orinoco - - Parent

Oh, & the video project? Is it on JTV yet? :)

Owen Greenaway - - Parent

Personally I think Wes Peden is very good at picking background music. Either downright steal his music choices or pick songs by the artists he uses.

mrawa - - Parent

Honestly, I disagree. Bear in mind that I've only seen Wes at BJC2013 and EJC2013 (plus a couple of videos), but I couldn't stand any of the music choices.

I shall concede however that at EJC the sound teching was god awful.

I do think that the music you choose should match up with routine, Hapiel's suggestions are good (and I know people that use almost every one of those songs).


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