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The Old Skool - A BJC Panel Show

Take a panel of dashing young jugglers, leave them in a darkened room to
mature for twenty-odd years, and what have you got? The Old Skool!

The Old Skool needs you! We've taken a brand new idea and thrown it to a
load of grizzly old dogs, and now we need an audience to watch and help
chaos to happen!

Part panel show, part Grumpy Old Men, and all geriatric, The Old Skool
will bring together a group of seasoned, mature jugglers and street
entertainers and invite them to behave with tasteless immaturity.

Incorporating a spicy mixture of authentic juggling history, silly
anecdotes, festering resentments, and memories of dubious veracity, all
wrapped up in a panel show format chaired by your Head Teacher for the
night, Jay Linn.

Expect laughs aplenty, liberal quantities of alcohol, irreverence,
stupidity, and swearing – in fact all the things we know and love BJC for!

Thursday night after the open stage show.
Be there before they go extinct.

Orinoco - - Parent

Now that sounds like my kind of show!

Little Paul - - Parent

mine too! :D


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