Records by Benedetto

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TrickRecordWho byDate
3 ball cascade with a ball balanced on the head216 catches Benedetto2020-03-23
3 ball cascade blind6 catches Benedetto2017-08-30
3 ball cascade over head42 catches Benedetto2018-09-25
4 ball fountain140 catches Benedetto2021-02-05
4 ball fountain with a ball balanced on the head32 catches Benedetto2020-03-26
4 ball synchronous fountain200 catches Benedetto2018-02-11
5 ball cascade7 catches Benedetto2017-03-06
6 ball [33]6 catches Benedetto2017-10-04
6 ball synchronous fountain6 catches Benedetto2019-04-05
2 club in one hand doubles23 catches Benedetto2016-11-25
2 club in one hand triples6 catches Benedetto2016-11-30
3 club cascade singles with a ball balanced on the head12 catches Benedetto2020-02-20
3 club cascade triples3 catches Benedetto2016-11-25
3 club tennis29 catches Benedetto2017-08-30
4 club fountain4 catches Benedetto2016-11-16
3 ball shower70 catches Benedetto2019-02-27
club balanced on foot03:08 Benedetto2017-03-26
club balanced on face03:40 Benedetto2019-02-04