6 club solo records

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TrickRecordWho byDate
6 club [33] singles12 catches Austin2017-04-25
6 club 75630 catches Jack Denger2020-05-29
6 club 7777716 catches Brook Roberts2014-04-10
6 club 8888316 catches Brook Roberts2015-05-07
6 club b975316 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-26
6 club fountain227 catches Jack Denger2020-03-15
6 club fountain with a club balanced on the head6 catches Felix Juggler2018-04-30
6 club fountain singles26 catches Jack Denger2020-03-08
6 club fountain doubles36 catches christhejuggler2013-12-19
6 club fountain triples188 catches christhejuggler2014-06-27
6 club fountain quadruples6 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-26
6 club half shower225 catches Jack Denger2010-07-15
6 club synchronous fountain58 catches Jan Poolen2019-07-25
6 club synchronous fountain doubles6 catches Austin2016-08-25
6 club fountain flats12 catches Jack Denger2015-05-14