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28th January 2016


# 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 5 clubs, 130 minutes

Short 20 minute session at lunch aimed at 5c;

1c and 3c warmup, singles doubles triples, 52512 (nice, will warmup with this in future), 531.
4c 53 and 552, feeling pretty good but the 2 in 552 seems to make it hard to keep the rythm and spin smooth- getting there though.
5c felt very good, no turning issues, good height, not getting lower, nice club angle but why can't I run it for long!!??!

110 minute afternoon session;
1c warmup, then the usual 3c stuff (singles, doubles, triples, flats, 441, 531, 52512 then some 2 in one and flashes from it).
4c synch-asynch and back, both left and right handed, flashes in triples, singles synch+ asynch, 534, 53 left and right, 552.
5c felt good again, good pattern but I HATE MENTAL BARRIERS! Many times I got to 20 but dropped because I got nervous. Was going to film but the camera was flat.
Then tried 4c 633 just for fun, got 2 clean rounds all handles.
Lastly I did 3c bxx doubles, got 10 catches :).
Singles pretty good too, got 14 catches.

Overall- good but I really want to get rid of my 5c and 7b mental barriers.

Total practice time: 130 minutes

Location: Garden

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