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RecordWho byDate
45 catches CameronFord2024-04-18
20 catches peterbone2006-06-27
8 catches Colin E.2006-10-10
6 catches Heydar2018-03-25

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RecordWho byDate
45 catches CameronFord2024-04-18Kept bounce, tried to collect but dropped the last one :')
32 catches CameronFord2024-03-15Clean, kept bounce
24 catches CameronFord2023-12-24Clean, kept bounce
20 catches CameronFord2023-12-09Clean, kept bounce. Back on the head bounce grind
6 catches CameronFord2018-05-12Clean, kept bounce.
5 catches CameronFord2018-05-11Clean, kept bounce.
6 catches Heydar2018-03-25clean
5 catches Heydar2016-03-23clean flash, kept bounce
8 catches Colin E.2006-10-10
6 catches Colin E.2006-10-05
6 catches Colin E.2006-09-28
5 catches Colin E.2006-09-19
20 catches peterbone2006-06-27