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Ok so here's my story. I'm a hackey sacker. Loved footbag in highschool, so I had 15-20 of them all over the place, my room my car my girlfriends purse(right where ur balls belong)I learned to juggle to sacks with one foot,and at some point I just started doing it with my hands, as soon as I got comfortable doing 2 balls with my left hand(learned it with my right 1st) I instantly started doing 3 , then I incorporated the juggling and the footbag together,foot stalls over the leg kicks neck stalls kick ups,back into my juggle,then I finished school started working and I just stopped doing it, then this past summer I met a juggling magician at my local swimming hole I asked if I could check out his balls(no pun intended) he showed me a few things and we became friends and NXT thing ya know I'm searching tutorials ordered some real juggling equipment (balls clubs rings) and I remembered how much I really loved doing it, so here I am, and I must say this forum is great much better than the ones on Facebook I use,


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